I love fairy tales and even believe in them. Serendipity I'm so excited to be staying in the Fairy Tale king Hans Christian Anderson’s favourite hotel dating back to 1755. His elegant suite is named after him in fact the “ugly duckling from his fairy tale is this iconic hotels mascot. And to top it all Im dining in the Michelin starred Marchal restaurant which in itself is a real life fairy tale. It is helmed by the dashing  and brilliant chef Andreas Bagh.

The magnificent and sparkling “white lady” the d’Angeleterre, Denmark’s icon since  1755 was constructed as an original neoclassic palace. I love the way it blends elements of its original legacy with the latest in bespoke services, elegance and technology.  I walk through the throbbing heart of Copenhagen, the New Kings square and into this palace the premier social destination which has been beloved of 

the royalty, state heads, movie moguls  Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, many more and ofcourse Hans Christian Andersan. 

Timeless elegance, respect for the traditions and 250 year old history and the most stunning Danish art dazzle when I walk in to go Marchal s, the Michelin starred restaurant. 


Can a restaurant be the embodiment of a fairy tale? Can this very same restaurant opened in 1755  be the one around which the legendary Hotel d’Angleterre was built? But I'm getting too excited and running ahead of myself.  

It was in 1755 that Jean Marchal, a young French servant in the royal Danish Court, fell in love with Marie Coppy, daughter of the chef of the royal palace in Copenhagen. Not only did Jean and Marie share a consuming passion for each other, they also shared a passion for the culinary arts and a desire to present them with perfection to His Majesty King Frederik V of Denmark and his family. 

Eventually, the young couple established a restaurant where they could serve the aristocracy, and thus the legend of the d’Angleterre was born. As with all fairy tales, Jean and Marie lived happily ever after…and their ethos has lived on for more than two-and-a-half centuries. It’s amazing how today, every single person associated with dAngleterre affectionately and conscientiously continues Jean and Marie’s legacy and the passion for service and hospitality that began in 1755. 

To complete the circle of the fairy tale, the monarch who brought Jean Marchal and Marie Coppy together in 1755 was represented at a Gala Ball  by his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson, HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. 

Here in this restaurant, fittingly enough I feast on the brilliant chef Andreas Bagh’s “timeless cuisine”in ala carte courses. There is delicious drama at the table.  The huge turbot fish  in herbs is steamed in the turbotiere. On the table itself, duck jus from bones is pressed on the table and served up.in multiple courses. The chef oversees the fabulous flambe. And the finale of the golden  nugget mousse is out done by Honey truffles from Hungary. Even the vegetarian course of  salad is no ordinary one, it thrills with it’s vibrancy and sparkle. The gallant chef shares the recipe. I have tweaked it to suit our ingredients. Here it is…  


10 red bell peppers

4 big  tomatoes

 (known as pineapple tomatoes)

20 small dried tomatoes

4 stems of basil blossoms 

high quality olive oil

200g g raspberries

Juice 10 red bell peppers without the kernels.

Reduce till 3/4 or until bright red.

Thicken with a small a amount of cornstarch while boiling to a viscosity of light sirup.

Season with lime juice, honey and tabasco.

Cut a thick slice of the big  tomato, garnish with basil blossom, raspberries, and a few semi dried date tomatoes and add the pigment sauce around the tomato.

Drizzle with  olive oil and serve.


© 2019 by Rashmi Uday Singh

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