Im the happiest when I sniff out  “no frills”  “family run” “seriously small” eateries. Ironically I write this from the South of France, where Ive just dined in two gastronomique restaurants with three Michelin  stars each.  Magnificent no doubt, but Ammhi Khavayye kind of eateries have a charm of their own. And I got to know about it thanks my hardworking foodie spy VB. The forever sporting, globetrotting  Shamit Vasa who works with a large Indian conglomerate, where his passion for business development is tapped joined his mom Nina and me. He enjoys dining as much as he does being home chef. We gave a thumbs up and the family Vasa went back weeks later to   check for consistency.


Walk into the tiny 20 (or is it 24 seater ?)  boxed in room. Even though it is airconditioned it has fans. A large painting on the wall… (of a seaside village) dominates the small room.


 Malwani ingredients are brought from Kokan, Nagothane and Vaibhav wadi, Masalas are handpounded and dishes made to grandma and auntys recipes, who cook themselves in the restaurant kitchen. Begin with the home made flavorful Kokam avla sarbat.

We recommend the Ambat Amati kissed with the sweetness of  Kokam, jaggery and Tadka of Sajuk ghee. The other standout dishes:   Prawn Biryani moist with deep notes of Malwani masala. Crab lollipops, fleshy sweet spheres enrobed in batter and deepfried golden. And oh! Yes the

Poha papad from Alibag. 

Surmai  Malvani style fry, Bombil fry.

 as well as the  coriander and Malvani spiced Green Tisrya ( shellfish ) passed muster.

 There’s a choice of several thalis…Value for money…

"Dashavtari Thali Rs. 595 (non veg) Matsya Darbar (seafood) Thali Rs.540 with ten overflowing vatis, rice et al.


Vegetarians need more dishes.  Lacklustre Malwani chicken masala, oversalted mutton. Messily served up food. Ukadhiche Modak of coconut, fried fruits and jaggery had a very thick, chewy riceflour skin. No alcohol. No parking. No table booking.


Tiny, no frills, family run, tucked into Prabhadevi “Ammhi Khavyya”  ( “we foodies”) I find out much later.. it’s a product of passion of Germany based  engineer Tushar Nagan who loves to cook and has got his whole family into the act. More vegetarian dishes needed. The seafood ones are better than the chicken and mutton. Desserts avoidable. VFM thalis. Every family run restaurant has the advantage of that authentic homestyle touch, but on the downside there can be patchy, amateurish inconsistencies too. But go, if you like new experiences and are a non-vegetarian who loves Malwani food. Parking impossible. Walk in early (no booking). Roll up your sleeves, tuck in and you’ll end up licking your fingers (like Shamit is doing)

Ammhi Khavayye

Shop Number 12 Manubhai Bhagwandas Chawl,Jagannath Bhatankar Marg behind Parel ST depot,Prabhadevi(Elphinstone)

 Ph 2422 1313

lunch and dinner

 Av meal for two Rs 1200


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