Let’s celebrate balance. You’ll agree with me that “balance” is the key. It’s the crucial element for everything in life. And most certainly for food…balance of flavour and texture ensures culinary masterpieces. And as I write this Im feeling in complete harmony and balance. Not only personally but even all around me there is a spectacular display of balance.

Here gourmet  is tangoing with healthy.  Tradition  marrying contemporary. The magic of balance is happening. Im getting a taste of it here in London’s over a century old, magnificent reborn landmark Mandarin Oriental, favoured by International royalty, screen superstars and the whos’s who.  


This high-tea is definitely my cup of tea. Its vegan.And that’s the big surprise. Over the years, I’ve been sipping my way through many a high-teas across Europe and UK. From  London’s grand historic hotels, The Ritz, The Dorchester, The Lanesbrough to   The Ritz in Madrid and The Ritz in Paris.

But never have I had the chance to sample delicious traditional British Hightea with a vegan wow. And what better way to get high on it than on the terrace of the Royal suite with Amanda Hyndman,  the gracious queen  of four palace hotels.. Chef  Paul Thieblemont ‘s patisserie delicate sandwiches and ooh those vegan scones with fruity preserves delight! I also lingered hours over my high tea at the Rosebery, named after Lord Rosebery. It was once a stylish tea room in the early 1920s regularly frequented by the ambitious British Prime Minister and Liberal Statesmen between 1889 and 1929. Some ninety years later, Spring 2014 saw The Rosebery make a welcome return to its roots as the perfect Knightsbridge backdrop for Afternoon Tea and Champagne cocktails. Any wonder their high tea won so many awards? 



25 plain /25 raisin scones


For the dough 

500gr  self raising flour

5gr salt 

10gr baking powder

100gr trex (vegan margarine)

200gr soya milk 

100gr caster sugar 

50gr rapeseed oil

100gr raisins 

50gr demerara sugar 


Rub together the flour, salt, trex and caster sugar until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Add the soya milk, oil and mix until smooth texture.

Split the dough in half and add the raisins.

Let it set for 3 hours

Roll out ta 15 for the plain 14 for the raisins. Brush it with soya milk and sprinkle demerara sugar.

Bake  it in the deck oven (180 degrees for 14 minutes) double tray.Serve with fruit jams and preserves. 


It’s famed for it’s home cured charcuterie, cold cuts, short ribs and burgers. It’s the hallowed French restaurant helmed by Micheli8n starred Daniel Boulud. Here, in the very same Bar Boulud, he along with chef David Lepage has introduced (hold your breath) the “veggie burger”. I bite into it and it combines intense richness and  nutrition too…balance! Again!

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