Alleluia! Mumbai has got it’s very first New Orleans style smokery. More accurately, Mumbai has got back it’s very first smokery. Boston Butt set up in Kala Ghoda and shut two years ago. This all American barbecue bar and diner with a southern soul.has been reborn in Bandra. It was packed and  rocking when we popped in on a Sunday night unannounced  with a superfun trio of red meat addicts.  


A tiny outdoor area and an indoor boxed in 32 seater room (bar included) recreates the French quarters of New Orleans.  It embodies the southern American hunting and bar culture. Photographs, signage and mirror frames from the Prohibition Era adorn the bare walls. Bevelled windowpanes, plenty of wood flooring, seating and accessories too. 


Ask for their signature ‘Smokies’ … all meats and veggies  smoked (with walnut/apple and other woods) and coal and before that marinated using in-house rubs & marinades.Pull apart Bloom bread crusty on top and melting warm with gouda cheese within is a must try. As is the masterly Southern style fried  chicken with waffle squares, dollop of marscapone and a balance of hot sauce and sweetness of maple syrup. Fall off the bone, spare ribs.  Buffalo tenderloin Steak with pink peppercorn sauce passed muster with my steak-lover buddies. Big plump burger, meaty patty (even the veg version…potato patty with chipotle was good). As was the vegan chorizo burger. Plenty for vegetarians, thin crust pizza, pasta too.End with the crustily addictive, baked cookie in a skillet.  Californian Wines  Southern inspired signature cocktails.


The accompaniments of many a dish are overpowered with sauces and seasoning and need finetuning. The charcuterie platter was a jumble and didn’t measure up to our expectations. Gabagool or Coppa dry cured & aged Pepperoni, Smoked Bacon were too chewy and require an acquired taste.  Veg carrot in harissa is a case in point for overkill of vegetables. Open only for dinner. 


In Boston Butt they do not barbecue meat, they “smoke it low and slow” ...after marinating with housemade scrubs and marinades. All this by their Pitmaster & Charcutier Siddharth Kashyap  of Mumabi’s first "Smokery, Charcuterie & Bar". 

As I wrote in my review of the Kala Ghoda BB…Kudos for the fatty abandon and dedicated force with which it hits rebelliously hearty notes. 

It seems to challenge vain, fitness-conscious Mumbaikars to dive headlong into fatty, fry-happy fare.  Though they have added vegan and vegetarian options too. Go if you’re looking for tasty comfort food, deep South American style. Stay away if you like subtle and light flavours. You can’t say they didn’t warn you; after all, the very name ‘The Boston Butt’ is named after a cut of pork shoulder.

Boston Butt

Shop 5&6, A Wing, Gasper Enclave, Pali Naka, Pali Hill, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400050

Open  6pm-1.30am (Monday close)


Meal for two Rs 3000


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