Updated: May 13, 2019


Foodie travellers, your attention please! This is it. This beautiful seaside San Sebastian is Spain’s gourmet capital. It has more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in the world and moreover you just cannot have a bad meal here.I write from this sunny cool and stunningly beautiful, Belle Époque  architecture studded city. For sure San Sebastian is just the perfect destination for taking a cooking lesson and that too in the best of the best… Mimo cooking school. Attached to over a  century old iconic palace Maria Cristna hotel, beloved of the Royalty (named after Queen Maria Cristina) Hollywood superstars this super glamorous palace hotel combines luxury and high-tech and this outstanding cooking school too. At the handsome, gleaming, well-equipped  cooking school, Chef Patricio Fuentes helps me wear my chef’s coat and voila it’s time for a hands on cooking session. Sportingly, joining us is the dapper dynamo Ned Capelaris who helms Maria Cristina.  From the freshest of ingredients, we conjure up many an amazing dish. I devour invaluable information about ingredients and cooking techniques from both. After all I’m not only attending the most iconic cooking school but also cooking with the icons.

Cooking in the best of the best with Chef Patricio fuentes and Ned Capeleris.

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