Crème de la crème

Updated: May 13, 2019


Olivier, Laure (centre) & Lucie with the Chantilly Cream

The bowl of cream you see in the photograph is no ordinary cream, it’s the stuff dreams are made of. It’s velvety, it’s silky, its Chantilly. It takes it’s name from the region or domaine of Chantilly and everything about this region is like a fabulous fairy tale. First of all (hold your breath) not only is Chantilly is located twenty minutes away from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, but  it’s also within one of the largest most beautiful forests of the Paris region. Im just about getting over these pleasant surprises,  when like in a fairy tale, the Chantilly castle  seems to rise out of the tranquil lake. I zip through it’s finest French collection of ancient masterpieces, (second only to the Louvre) and head for  the crème Chantilly  (made famous here, in the royal banquets centuries ago by Vatel.) Laure now makes Crème Chantilly here, in the picturesque cottage-like Restaurant du Hameau (in the grounds of the castle). Along with Olivier and Lucie not only do we eat up the creme Chantilly (with strawberries) but I also go back In a horse carriage (this is the equestrian capital of France) and in the luxurious yet cozy  Auberge du jeu de Paume hotel’s spa, actually have a chantilly cream massage. This is what I call, “having my cream and eating it too” . it sure is the world’s  crème de la crème!

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