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Uniquely delicious ones. I write from Warsaw. All I knew about it was that this capital of Poland had a  turbulent history, about world war II which razed most of it to the ground. And that for 123 years, Poland as a country did not even exist because its power hungry neighbours swallowed it up. Thankfully, all that is history. A lot of the city has been beautifully restored and Im not only feasting on  very deliciously unique Polish dishes, but also sharing their recipes with you...


I confess. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have sweet teeth. And here in Warsaw’s cutting edge Concept 13. It is perched on the sixth floor but   I am in seventh heaven.Luscious apricot tart delights and the brilliant chefs Rube Salam and   Artur Kurkus have an amazing repertoire of international with a Polish twist dishes. They also create delicious traditional Polish “pierogi” ‘s sweet version with fruits and cream (more about pierogi later)  To feast on Warsaw’s skyline and the superbly simple and simply superb dishes is a treat. The freshest of burratini, halibut with sorrel and more amongst the best ive had in Warsaw. Equally delightful is to lunch with Poland’s  hospitality icon, the trailblazing brilliant young Amanda Likus. She ensures that the flavour of Poland, its culture, hospitality, art, food and even furniture is true-blue Polish in her landmark hotels. As it turns out, she  is also an India lover, having spent months there. 


I cant get enough of these small pillows of flavour and texture. There are savory and sweet versions.  Poles traditionally serve two types of pierogi for Christmas Eve supper. One kind is filled with sauerkraut and dried mushrooms, another – small uszka filled only with dried wild mushrooms. 

Here, in Szostka , Chef Lukasz Chelchowski not only cook up the uszka but also share the recipe. Im researching vegetarian and vegan dining and thrilled to find maestro Darius Zbaranski ‘s

three dimensional view of veg ..raw. in season. Past season. 

 He explains that the

Sweet pierogi are usually served with sour cream mixed with sugar, and savory pierogi with bacon fat and bacon bits. Or even vegetables. Take your pick.   Uszka is the tiny version of Pierogi made during Christmas In my view the most delicious.

USZKA (PIEROGI) Ingredients for the „uszka” dough:

Egg yolk, 300g Flour 00 or all purpose 500g

Milk, 100ml Eggs, 10szt

Mix all the ingredients together for 6 minutes on low speed. Use the mixer attachments/utensils for hard dough. Wrap in plastic film and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Stuffing: Mushroom.

Use any fresh mushrooms 

300g  50g chopped onion

1 garlic clove Freshly chopped parsley

50g ghee Salt pepper

zest from 1 lemon

1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg

Chop onion and garlic clove, and fry until they are clear and have no color. Set aside. Chop or grate mushrooms. Panfry mushrooms. Cool.Mix with spices.

Filling the „Uszka”.

Take the dough out of the fridge. Roll the dough thinly using cut 5cm squares. Put a little bit of filling into the center of the cut-out piece of dough.Spray with water. Fold  dough diagonally. Stick together the ends of wider side of the triangle.

Boil these little pillows in salted water for 2 minutes if freshly made, or 3 minutes if they are frozen.

Put Your uszka into any broth/soup and enjoy.

Banana Bread

No two ways about it, here is Warsaw’s best bakers most delicious easy to bake banana bread. The brilliant young Chef Michal Paleta of Warszawska has Warsaw eating out of his hands. From the most flaky and addictive 

Cruffins, Croissants,Almond Croissants Pain aux chocolate

Chocolate babka,Lemon drizzle cake .Challah

Bostock to banana bread…

 Since I cannot send you slice of the banana bread…here’s the recipe

Butter (soft) 240g 

Caster sugar 600g

1 vanilla bean  Flour 700g

3 Eggs

Baking soda 17g

Chocolate chips 140g

7 Ripe bananas

Cream the butter with sugar and vanilla bean until pale. 

Gradually beat in Eggs

Mix in bananas.

At the end of mixing stir in flour, baking soda and chocolate chips.

Prepare loaf tins by brushing them with butter flour

Divide banana mix Between 3 tins. 

Bake 170C for about 

50 minutes Or till reach 93C in middle.

 Eat when warm off the oven. Enjoy!

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