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Dessert Delights: Chef Cizeron and Deveekaa Nijhawan

A request. Please take a look at the accompanying photograph: would you believe I shot this in the hot,  arid desert? Such a fabulous relief to be amongst lush tropical gardens and trees in this concrete skyscrapered Dubai! It gets even more exciting because here in the cosmopolitan, diverse Dubai, not only does this multi-talented, brilliant Executive chef share his recipe of my most favorite dessert, the Crepes Suzette but many an invaluable multi-cuisine cooking tip too. Here he is, flambéing the pancake dessert by drizzling the Grand Marnier liquor down the orange rind and swapping many an interesting culinary story too.

Chef Pierreck Cizeron hails from Lyon, (the true gastronomic capital of France, Chef Cizeron worked here with Paul Bocuse the emperor of French cuisine, who Ive interviewed for my TV show. ) . Sparkling the afternoon with her eversmiling helpfulness is Deveekaa Nijhawan, epitome of graciousness and hospitality . She’s an adventurous foodie who loves trying new cuisines and also to cook experimental Chinese and Thai dishes.


Aishwarya Rai, Akshay Kumar…you name it (and we are only on alphabet A)…have all savored the plethora of cuisines on offer here. Once again I am swept off my feet with pleasant surprise.  This amazing culinary oasis is dotted with eighteen (you read that right) restaurants. Ofcourse I couldn’t eat in all of them (much as Id have liked to) but I did have some superb meals. Chef Maurizio of the charming, Trattoria style Casa Mia cooked up authentic Italian fare. Unerringly cooked seabass, al dente pasta and the most pure and fabulous of olive oil from Italy. Even magnificently stocked cellar of Italian wines impressed, pity the Patrizia, sommelier and Chef Maurizio’s wife was not there.  As executive chef of Le Meridien Chef Cizeron also helms other diverse cuisine restaurants, the progressive Indian MEHAC ‘s (Modern Hindustani Evolved cuisine) chef Asif Khan serves up a superb chocolate surprise with (believe it or not) thandai foam. Suko Thai’s celebrates the sweet heat of Thailand and sweet, spicy, tangy, sour flavors joust and tango with each other . All served in a charming ornate Thai wooden sala ambiance.     The old world Cantonese and Schezwan fare by chef George Chi delights. And Chef Cizeron ensures that each of these each of these specialty cuisine restaurants retain their authentic charm and flavor.


I don’t know about you, but  though I love recipes, I find cooking tips very exciting. They are that magical touch which makes the recipe blossom and work.

ITALIAN Cooking pasta:

Always cook pasta in a large amount of water and measure your salt.Keep in mind 1/10/100(1l water/10g salt/100g pasta)Add the salt after the water boiled. It will be faster

Never cover the pot

Keep some of the cooking water. It will help to stick the sauce to the pasta or to dilute a too thick sauce

MEXICAN  Guacamole:

Prepare the guacamole 1 day in advance to allow the osmosis

To keep it green, Put the guacamole in a bowl and flat it. Poor little water to cover the surface and refrigerates. Pour out the water when you want to use it and stir it up.


Hollandaise sauce:

To lighten the hollandaise sauce, replace 2/3 of the quantity of clarified butter by low fat Greek yoghourt. You will obtain a far more digest hollandaise with the advantage to not split

Crepe suzette.

Get only the orange part of the orange skin to get tasteful zest. Then blanch it 3 time in cold water to extract all the bitterness



serves 4 

Crêpes  mixture:

150gm of flour /30gm of melted butter /4 eggs /50gm of sugar /3dl of milk/Soda water /Salt /Orange juice (4 oranges) /100gm of sugar/150gm of butter /15cl Grand Marnier /Oranges zest



Pass the flour into a strainer. Add the salt, eggs & sugar. Mix all together by starting by the eggs, salt and sugar with a whisk; then incorporate slowly the flour.Add 1/2 of the cold milk. Mix until full incorporation of the flour. Mix well to avoid any lumps.Add the rest of the cold milk. Mix well to obtain a nice and homogeneous mixture. Add a the soda water; then mix well. Melt the butter and add to the crêpe mixture. Keep one hour in the fridge before to make the crêpes.

In a copper pan, add the sugar. Make a light brown caramel. Add the orange juice, boiled (without mixing) until the caramel is totally liquid. Reduce for few minutes; then add the butter. Add the orange zest. Add the crêpes inside the sauce; turn them once.Flambéed with Grand Marnier and an orange skin.

Little tips

These can be made the day before, refrigerate and cover with plastic film.

Great to eat hot with jam, nutella or brown sugar and lemon.

You can serve with vanilla ice cream.

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