Need energy recharge? The healthiest way to power yourself ? I certainly do. Im forever on the lookout for fueling my energy with the best source of protein. Wherever and whenever I travel Im looking for ways to eat for energy. Protein is one answer. Sure non vegetarian sources of protein are a plenty but they come loaded with their own downsides.


It is here in Dubai that I hit gold. At breakfast, again and again I zero into this delicious dish. It bursts with flavor and texture. I add the accompanying condiments, the tangy squeeze of lime, the zing of chopped onions, the sour-sweetness of chopped tomato and taste bliss. And get powered with energy. This in the landmark Address hotel ‘s buffet breakfast. The high-ceilinged, understated marbled hotel is attached to the World’s largest mall and no doubt serves up delicious fare in it’s two restaurants, but it’s the simple and easy to make, the protein powerhouse “Foul Madamas” that I eat evry morning.

This is it. It’s power packed. It‘s healthy. lt's tasty. it’s my most favourite Middle Eastern breakfast dish. ‘Foul rnedames’ and here in the cool sunny Cabana restaurant. l’m breakfasting on Dubai’s best Foul Medamas. And doing so with our very own Richa Madan. who heads customer relations of a leading bank, also from Mumbai is the forever helpful Aloysius Saldanha. The dynamic Omar Hamad joins us. We all enjoy the Foul Medamas. Kudos to talented Chet Shokry Ahdelsoud tor perfecting this delicious dish of lava beans stewed with tahini and seasoned with garlic, cumin. and lemon.

We all know that Foul Medamas found its way from Ancient Egypt to the Middle East. What could Foul Medamas possibly have in common with public baths? A very interesting legend about its origin.

The story goes that in the Middle Ages, the making of foul in Cairo was monopolized by the people living around the Public Baths. During the day, the bath attendants heating the huge pots of bath water. To take advantage of these precious fires, huge qidras were filled with fava beans, and these cauldrons were kept simmering all night, and eventually all day too, in order to provide breakfast for Cairo's population. Foul is prepared from the small, round bean known in Egypt as fūl ḥammām ("bath beans"). The beans are Ful is a popular breakfast dish in Syria, especially Aleppo. And the brilliant Syrian chef Mowwaffak Moussa explains that this dish has to be eaten at breakfast because of the high amount of energy it gives for the day. he also points out how they make them differently. Thanks to both the chefs for sharing the authentic recipe…

Foul medames Recipe


1 lb dry fava beans

1 tomato quartered.

3 garlic cloves.

Cumin powder

5Ml Olive oil

1 Fresh lemon

2TPS Chopped tomato

1TPS Chopped parsley

1TPS Coped onion

Salt to taste


Soak the beans in water for overnight or at least 4 hours.

Drain the beans and wash very well and move them to a cooking pot

Add enough water to cover the beans add garlic cloves and tomato.

Let it cook on low heat for 6 hours.

To serve

Bring the cooked beans in a serving bowl, add cumin, half of the olive oil, salt to taste and squeeze the whole lemon, slightly crush and mix with a fork, garnish with chopped tomato, onion, and parsley and finished with the rest of the olive oil.

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