What can eating possibly have to do with sleeping? Sure! We all know that  eating right can increase energy, decrease weight, make one look good, live longer…but  could it at also be possible that one can eat right to sleep well?  I too was totally unaware of this connection even though Ive been researching the various aspects of food past any decades and through my forty books.

Here, in Portugal’s stunningly beautiful  valley I am served up some eye-opening insights. In the legendary Six senses Duoro valley, all my senses are being  pampered.

Set amid twenty acres  of natural beauty in the world UNESCO site (with the magnificent river Duoro flowing at it’s feet)  it offers out of the ordinary activities.

that mainly focus on wine and gastronomy, heritage and culture. It’s the mindblowing program  to sleepwithsixsenses which has me excited to try it and to share it with you.


The  magnificent natural beauty tangoes with equally beautiful interiors.  The Vale de Abraão restaurant spills out onto the orange tree-lined terrace overlooking their organic vegetable gardens. The menus are inspired by the organic gardens, using nothing but seasonal local produce.

The Kitchen team brings to the table not just delicious food, but Six Senses values of environmental sustainability, wellness, and local sensitivity, global sensibility. Gut health is key to well-being, and fundamental in menu creation and many a delicious unusual dish.  In order to learn this, the Food Alchemy Workshop teaches the essentials of Sustainable food preservation.

After attending this and wine tasting  and feasting on many a gastronomique meal, I have a delicious lunch in the 19thcentury manor with the dynamic Nicholas Yarnell who helms this landmark, the super helpful Joanna Van Zeller and Javier Suarez who explain more about the sleepwithsixsenses to me. And I trip out on the most unusual and delicious and nutritious  “roasted cauliflower” ( see photo) which helps promote sleep too. The chefs share the recipe, but due to space constraint I cannot print it. If you need it please email rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com


I thought I knew all about sleep… we sleep a third of our life et al. But had no idea that a sleep doctor can be an invaluable guide. Here, there is not only Michael Breus the highly qualified  sleep doctor who guides but a whole team of doctors. Sleepwithsixsenses is integrated with wellness programs which go beyond the mattress.

There are several building blocks that form the

foundations of this concept,

health, movement, alternative therapies, holistic

treatments, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and for me the most important, nutrition.  And all of it is offered here.

© 2019 by Rashmi Uday Singh

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