I’m riveted. Im fascinated. Im in awe of the breadth and depth of knowledge and insight of the multi-genius Deepak Chopra who has been trailblazing and influencing global thinking in several fields. His forthcoming new book “Metahuman” his podcasts on Daily breath and “infinite potential” are currently making global mega waves with multi-million followers . I listen in awed silence about his views on the origins of the universe, as I do about his perspective on food and vegetarianism. This in his serene home in Manhattan where surrounded by Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu statues and paintings, he is in sanyas and yet within the world. And from here this world-renowned pioneer of integrative medicine and personal transformation, Deepak Chopra, through his bestselling books (more than 80 and translated in almost as many languages) podcasts, TV and youtube shows is not only delving into and unlocking the mysteries of the universe, Kashmir Shaivism, Tagore, Aurobindo s works but also helping it to become a better and more peaceful planet. And over the years not only did I interview him for my TV show on health in Los Angeles but have been tracking his magnificent work in his wellness centre in San Diego and in NYC and each time come away with a greater sense of awe


For this column, it is Deepak’s perspectives on food that I request and ( even though we are in the midst of discussing his pathbreaking work on Metahuman) he very graciously shares them. We walk across to his regular vegan Peace café and over a delicious lunch Deepak Chopra, the iconic fountain of youth and wellbeing, the repository of ancient wisdom and modern medical scientific knowledge shares his most eye-opening interpretations of food, on the physical, gourmet, medical, spiritual and even genetic aspects that are mindblowing. His years of practise as a successful endocrinologist in Boston coupled with his depth of reading and understanding of Ayurveda and our ancient texts have enabled him to gain respect for these in this country. That’s’ why American surgeons and doctors attend his courses.

He explains how all chronic illness is due to low grade inflammation (haldi a very powerful anti inflammatory and he is working on cutting edge research with scientists on this).

Microbiome, inherited by the baby from the father and mother and by inhaling and swallowing vaginal secretions from the mother and our

our body and it’s activity is governed by the microbiome and epigenes

If the body is in homeostasis it is

Healthy otherwise it leads to inflammation.


As you can see, Food plays a very crucial role.

· Adequate sleep

· Stress management. Meditation

Makes all the genes for healing increase upto 17 fold. Im listening to the podcast on Daily breath and it is working wonders already.

· love compassion joy equanimity empathy lead to homeostasis.

If there is anger and hostility it leads to inflammation

· yoga pranayama and movement stimulates the vagus nerve, the most important parasympathetic nerve in our body.

· Staying grounded by walking barefoot walk on beach or grass and being amid nature

· FOOD… Food in the body interacts with the microbiome… And this microbiome can be changed.

Our body is the print of genes and the microbiome. Consciousness the cosmic computer. Eating organic is essential, all pesticides are petroleum based and this ignites inflammation.

More and more research is pointing towards how the ideal combination.for perfect health is the maximum of plant diversity and the seven tastes of Ayurveda. Deepak points out that meat is essential in several cases (

Meat. Alaska Tibet) but one must make sure its not from a factory and not fed with hormones.



For me its this cutting edge finding of how food interacts with our genes that is thrilling. Deepak is vegan. He explains how we need not be at the mercy of our genetic inheritance.

Deepak explains the microbiome (which every baby is born with) and how food can actually alter our genetic makeup. Spearheading this research on Epigenetics,

Deepak explains the complex scientific mechanisms of mind, brain, genome and microbiome. Together with prof Rudy Tanzi, authority on genetics (who discovered the alzheimer gene) their groundbreaking research, on the Super gene (and the role of the plant based diet) has been making global waves.


This is it. The thousands of years old Ayurveda has gourmet sensibilities. According to Ayurveda. everything can be classified according to one or more of six basic tastes; sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. If you sample foods that correspond to these tastes your food will provide an assortment of health promoting nutrients.

Deepak Chopra points out… “If the meal isnt delicious it isn’t

nourishing you. Enjoy your meal. If you are struggling with a diet that you think is good for you but you do not find it appetizing, it will ultimately not be nourishing”


Much as I wish to, I cannot compress all that in one column, Suffice it to say that the mind controls the body and even what we eat is metabolized depending on the state of mind we eat it in. I learn to eat mindfully and in a calm state of mind.


Then Indian khichadi of rice and lentils, with yoghurt Deepak points out, is the perfectly balanced nutritive dish. When in The Chopra centre for Wellness centre in San Diego I not only tasted this delicious khichadi but also got the recipe. Should you need it please email me Rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com

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