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Fellow foodies, come join me on a taste of the worlds most cutting edge gastronomical showcase. Here in sunny Spain there is so much to taste and see and do that Im sharing my experiences in  three snapshots…after all a picture is worth a thousand words. Its been four day feast of brilliantly organised talks, discussions, cooking, tasting of food,  wine,  cider, oil and more. The dynamic Roser Torres has ensured that the Gastronomika remains a global standard for haute cuisine.


with the Gilda pintxo, Michelin starred chef Fina Puigdevall with Anna, Marina, Arian, Berta

Would you believe that the Spanish Basque regions most emblematic snack is dedicated to the Hollywood sex symbol, Rita Hayworth?  It is called “Gilda” (pronounced “Hilda” and named after Rita Hayworths movie) and it consists of  olives, pickled peppers and salt-cured anchovies speared on a toothpick. Please see the photograph and you ‘ll see Michelin starred chef Fina Puigdevall  and group holding up this irresistibly delicious snack or “pintxo”. It is pronounced “pincho”.

And it was at the closing dinner of the Gastronomika that I shot this photo in the Tolosa market by the river. We also tasted authentic corn based stuffed-talos, cheeses, black bean soup and more. While this fun dinner marked the finale of the Gastronomika the inaugural dinner was cooked by ten female Michelin starred chefs in the San Telmo museum.


Singapore surprIses…Melissa Ow and Jorg Padrilla with chefs…Andre Chiang, Paul Liew, Justin Quek Jorge Padilla, Malcolm Lee, Pepe Moncayo, Emmanuel Stroobant, Han Li Guang Willin Low

This year Singapore is the guest country and wow! What an amazingly talented contingent is here.along with the dynamic Melissa Ow and Ranita Sundramoorthy. Andre Chiang (Restaurant Andre) – puts Singapore on the world’s gastronomy radar with his “Octaphilosophy”-inspired tasting menu..

The Godfather of Modern Singaporean food, “Willin Low (Wild Rocket)

Han Li Guang (Restaurant Labyrinth) push Singaporian cuisine to a progressive level. I meet the entire contingent over breakfast and shoot this photo. And through it all Evelyn Chan,  Singapore’s most knowledgeable food writer and Academy chair of The Worlds 50 best restaurant academy explains the significance of the presence of these chefs here. And ofcourse taste their creations and hear their eye-opening talks.

Broken yogurt jar at Pedro Subijana’s Akelarre.


I could write books on the cutting edge tasting menus of the giants of Spanish gastronomy, be it

Juan Mari Arzak, Martin Berasategui, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Pedro Subijana  and many others. But instead, I took a photo of Pedro Subijana of Akelarre s dessert,,,please see it. Its called “broken yoghurt jar” and  both science and art have  been skillfully used to serve up  the delightfully edible jar to the silken, soft, mushy, firm “yoghurt” And the restaurant itself in perched on a cliff with sensational views of the Cantabiran sea. On the other hand Andoni’s “Mugaritz” nestles amids trees and focuses on textures and an almost metaphysical, philosophical take on food. This sea-kissed, sunny San Sebastian, home to the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants in Spain is my heaven!

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