Excuse me! Im getting  my metaphors and stories all mixed up. This is a mind-blowing, first time ever, experience for me. Am I Robinson Crusoe on a beautiful secluded tropical desert island? Or have I arrived in  a sophisticated gastronomique  hideaway? Breathtakingly beautiful blue sea, lush green trees and wild undergrowth…amid all this, can there be gourmet food? And a not just a choice of cuisine but also of experiences and the worlds greatest chefs cooking here too? The gourmet experiences here rival and in many ways surpass those in a city.   If the experiences are magical, the philosophy is simple: No news, no shoes. No

pretensions either. Im in the environmentally responsible Soneva Fushi. Here the acronym SLOW LIFE (Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness -Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences) gets multi-layered with meanings. And happily, superb cuisine plays a stellar role.


Time stands still. The turquoise blue sea laps gently onto the powdery white beach.  I watch fascinated, as the tall and brilliant chef deftly marinates the local fish, wraps it in a glistening green banana leaf and then puts it in the charcoal pit. Gold medallist and crowned Maldives best, Chef Sobah cooks to generations old recipes and every now and then adds a twist. Today I watch him making   the Fihunu mas. (Baked fish) and feast on the many flavoured thali. On my request the chef shares the recipe of  the multi-purpose Maldivian curry paste.

Hawadhu Maldivian curry paste


Onion slice -50 Grm

Garlic - 20 Grm

Ginger -10 Grm

Curry leaves -03 Sprigs

Green chili -4 Nos

Water (normal) - 200 Ml

Cumin - 2 Tsp

Coriander - 2 Tsp

Coconut grated (fresh) -50 grm

Salt and pepper to taste

Chili powder -30 Grm


1. Saute all ingredients in a pan.  Until golden brown. Put ingredients in a blender. Blend to a smooth paste. 

2.  Apply on any fish or  seafood. Roast or pan fry.


Dig. Pull out. Examine. Smell. Taste. It’s buried into the ground, amidst plants. It’s my amuse bouche. Digging it out is a unique experience. Please see photo…Chef Jenefer is holding up my delicious crunchy amuse bouche dipped into the most umami laden sauce. The whole experience of “Shades of green” is unique, not only do we sit amidst  the organic herb and vegetable garden, but here’s the surprise…feast on plant-based Maldivian and Southeast Asian with Nordic cooking techniques.  Based on the recipes of the brilliant.

Chef Carsten Kyster, who celebrates the garden with five-course menus featuring colours, green umami or one ingredient prepared various ways. we begin with a tour of the garden with chef Jeneferwho also

 uses her knowledge of botany and her skills as a chef to present plant-based dishes that look like works of art. Chef Kyster very generously shared some of his original delicious, healthy, plant-based recipes with me. Should you need them, please mail me rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com

Yo ho & a lot of fun and vibrant authentic Vietnamese food too. All this while cruising in the luxurious superyacht. A spa shower and Jacuzzi and Library are luxurious enough. Add to that the relaxing foot massage by the resident spa therapist and the Vietnamese chef  Lock’s fresh crunchy summer rolls and the hearty comforting Pho and I'm all rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.


Its an amazing experience! From Singapore to the Maldives, Asias best chef dazzles us at a very exclusive dinner, here in the islands . Down to earth and brilliant, Michelin starred chef Julien Royer conjures the French magic of sumptuous fine dining infused with the finest of South East Asian influences. In a Magnificent alfresco sunset setting, finest of wines, riveting conversations and awesome dishes dazzle. Delicate refined sophisticated textures and flavors prioutte from the Botan Ebi Taco Le Puy lentil ‘falafel’ to airy flavorful Mango Tart Coconut/lime/passionfruit.

And blazing global trails are the golden hearted super achieverts Sonu and Eva Shivdasani. Their concept of intelligent luxury dazzles. It recognises the ability for luxury holiday making and care for the environment to co-exist with perfect ease. And here, its not just about serving up delicious experiences but also educating about the philosophy of Bio-dynamism and Sustainability.  From identifying a marriage of food and constitution, counting the moons of Jupiter and peering at the graceful halo of Saturn’s translucent ring and dining accordingly… And my learning continues!

As do the countless dining experiences and cuisines. Chef Derricks award winning dishes at the Starlit Table to sushi maestro Akira ‘s (from three starred Kenjo Gyoten ‘s restaurant)  superlative sushi made to intricate ancient hontaegashi hand-flipping techniques. It continues… an open all day, totally free,  icecream room, cheese room, and joy of joys “chocolate room” too. A chocoholics dream come true! Mine! 

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