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Fusion comfort food

Dosa waffle? It doesn’t get more absurd than this? or does it? It does. There is also the “Angry Albert Pinto” balchao drizzled Mac n cheese and more.  I never thought that these would actually taste good. Fusion is confusion. But there are exceptions that prove the rule. Like this tiny “Grub Shub” in Matunga. And who better to invite to check it out than two gorgeous gourmets who are also sporting and happy to accompany me on my adventures. The highly successful aesthetic and cosmetic dentist Dr  Shivani Mayekar,

ex National Badminton champ Entrepreneur is a big time Foodie.

Shivani Mayekar Masters in public health from Columbia University, Co-Founder of a start up in women’s health is equally passionate about food. We had a fun tasting session in Matunga’s  Grub Shub and came away pleasantly surprised. 


Walk into this tiny boxed in room (with a mezzanine) and youre face to face with the cook and kitchen counter. Walk up the stairs and there is a table and chair seating for 14 . No frills and functionally done up space. 


Zero into the “Dosa waffle” please! Its made with regular dosa rice-. batter (you read that right). Its  drizzled with ghee, and hand pounded gunpowder chutney. It has a springy bite, mellow with ghee and spiked with molgapodi.Masala dosa fans, Go for the “Madras masala waffle dosa”.Not only is the dosa batter tempered with spices but it is delicious potato masala sandwiched between two waffles.Even the Dilli style waffle chaat captures all the chatpatta flavors of the Dilli chaat, saunth et al. 

Interestingly all the waffle-batters are made from scratch. End with the “chocolate waffle overload” with filling and chips. Nutella Power pancakes have a yum bite and ooze. Many a unique shake and sodas (go for the Jalapeno lime spritzer) 


The tiny room gets full of food fragrances and can get quick warm too. Also each order  takes a longish while to be served. So be prepared to wait. It's self service here. 

The international-fusion versions… Chipotle with mayo or the Mac n cheese were a  mish mash of cheese. No alcohol. 


Its tiny. Its vegetarian. Its no frills, Most of the time it’s packed with college students. It’s the dosa waffle which deserves an award for innovation. But then why would I not pop into Arya Bhawan next door for an authentic dosa? Or masala dosa? Why would I want to come to “Grub Shut  for a ‘waffle dosa” ? Simply because it has a bite and crunch that is addictive and it still retains the authentic flavours.  It is comfort food at it’s crowd pleaser best. Innovative waffles,  fries, Mac n cheese. At comforting prices too  (average price of Rs 150 for a generous portion). The brothers Gohoker’s   “Grub Shub” serves up “comfort mumfort”. May their tribe increase!

Shop 5 mohanlal mansion Kings circle  Matunga

9 am  to midnight.

Ph 9136040144


 Average meal for two Rs 500


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