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I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have sweet teeth! Im a dessertaholic, a chocoholic and not an anonymous one at that. Six months ago, when I was in Ahmedabad, Huber & Holly made all my sweet dreams come true. I had been invited to address an Ahmedabad  chamber of commerce, and after my talk, I met a friend and very distant relative who used to own Havmor icecreams.I hadn’t met him for over 20 or is it 30 years? He took me to Huber & Holly  owned  & run by his dynamo daughter in law Gayatri Chona. It pandered  to the child in me, and served many a sophisticated flavor too.  

I had no idea H& H had opened in Mumbai. On an exploratory  trip to Vashi with a foodie friend from the Times of India and Rani Sharma and Yash Kolhatkar in the bustling In Orbit mall, we walked into H & H.  Thankfully, we were not recognized. Paid the full bill. At a neighboring table Pooja Patil, Janmejay Deshmukh, Pramod  &

Reshma chavan pointed out that H & H made their birthday celebration  very bespoke  and they loved it here.

 A completely objective unbiased review follows


Cheerful, bright and well lit ambiance. Brilliantly balanced between being too childish and too intimidating. Kid friendly interactive DIY counters. H& H s cheery Red and white colors  pop everywhere.


Truffle oil lovers are in for a treat. Ask for the thin crust pizza topped with intense heady Shiitake Mushroom & Truffle Oil. They even offer a Truffle Oh Dome innovative ice cream pastry in a sphere. A good choice of thin crust pizzas (Margharita passes the acid test. ) Ask for the Avocado sandwich and the Chatpata cheesy jalapeno nachos wash down with creamy thickTornado shakes (Ask for  The All fudged up)

And the luxurious the signature “Mighty Midas” (please see photo) is a must try if you re feeling extravagant. Oozing and billowing over with more than 20 or more sinfully delicious ingredients,   velvety, molten, custardy,  crisp, crunchy… all are transcendent. And it’s crowned with 24 k gold leaf.  Any wonder it costs Rs 1000. Enough for three atleast. But heres what takes the cake …First time ever. Icecream being freshly churned. Continuously. The result.? Indescribably velvety luxurious texture. No preservatives no artificial colors. Even the finicky purist  will be thrilled.   Flavors? Toppings? The list is long. It runs the whole spectrum from the very adult lychee ( awesome implosion of fruity smokiness) to vanilla  flavor so pure and sharp it’s startling.  Mix and Match your flavors and toppings. Its all about DIY, The icecream cakes and pastries are concoctions that are serious and accomplished. And ofcourse in myriad flavors and delicious too.


In the Ahmedabad H & H the footlongs were crunchy, warm comforting hugs, some drizzled with truffle oil, others with parmesan cheese. Though on the menu, they were not available in Mumbai. Small Mumbai kitchens leading to smokiness we were told. Gloopy Mac n cheese. Overdone pasta. Some of the ice cream flavors are too exotic.  


Huber & Holly are fictional characters who obviously love icecream & desserts.They pander  to the child in you ( bubble gum cotton candy) as well as the adult (  charcoal lychee, Truffle oh dome, icecream cakes and pastries). Well travelled gourmet and masters in nutrition from the UK,   Gayatri Chona    ensures that it’s not just a unique dessert haven  but an open all day café,  offering pizza, nachos and sandwiches too. H& H’s  USP is the first time ever,  freshly churning icecream, no preservatives, no artificial flavors too.Kudos! It’s branched out in  Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune. H&H is sure living up to its motto of “making the world a happier place, one scoop at a time”.

Huber & Holly 

Inorbit Mall, Ground, 

Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Ph  86575 21336

Open 11 am to 12.30

Av meal for two Rs 1200


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