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Updated: May 14, 2019

POSTED ON MAY 18, 2015 UPDATED ON MAY 18, 2015

Are you ( like me) crazy about Parsi food? Love no- frills eateries? Join me here in Pune …

…at this 138 year old Dorabjee and sons. Here’s Darius Dorabjee 4th generation chef owner model bodybuilder.

Here’s the spartan clean non a c eatery where time stands still. Ive  been eating and filming for TV shows here. The food has its ups and downs. Currently its on a high. I eat traditional Parsi dishes made to generations old Dorabjee family recipes. Forget abt calorie counting and such like stuff. How about the robustly spiced mutton roast?

Here’s the delicately steamed Patranimacchi in a blanket of spicy chutney

Now comes a subtle flavorsome Parsi favorite …kid gosht

Must end wt my absolute favorite #pulaodaal

I m a lagan nu custard addict… especially the crusty velvetty one at Dorabjee s

Here’s wishing Dorabjees many more centuries of spreading joy. Of keeping their traditional Parsi recipes alive in the very same way and at affordable prices. Kudos #dariusdorabjee

Id love to write more…but after the satisfying meal it’s time to snooooooze

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