Quiz: what is that one factor which makes for a great restaurant experience BUT has nothing to do with the restaurant or it’s chef? Please think about it. Has it ever happened that you went to a superb restaurant but dreadful boring companions made it into a forgettable restaurant experience? And ofcourse the opposite is true too. Also fabulous dinner companions can make a good restaurant into a scintillating experience. Like today at La Lola.  With the phenomenal foodie family Pant. It’s not only because Sujata (chief commissioner turned artist) and Deepak (Chief Commisioner turned amateur golfer, and amateur singer)  are my former Income tax commissioner batchmates (I worked in the IRS for 15 years) but look what geniuses they produced.Sorabh Pant other than being rated India’s top ten stand up comedians by The Times of India, an author of three books also cooks brilliantly. He has been baking cakes since he was twelve.

Author, journalist and digital host,Meghna Pant has won international awards for literature & journalism and she loves eating. We have an amazing dinner punctuated by funny lines and funny faces, with Sorabh insisting that his father is a “professional bathroom singer”. We eat our way through the menu. Our review follows.


La Lola replaces “Thalaiva” But ofcourse, it’s totally different, Black and white chequered flooring, white brick walls, and brass accents make it into an elegant space. Mirrors add a dimension of space. A piano tinkles in one corner.


The star of the show is the Artichoke and palm heart salad, sparkled with  a honey mustard dressing, a masterpiece in delicacy of texture and flavour and presentation. Dreamy creamy heady with truffle  cauliflower soup.  Many a choice pizza topping. The crust has a delicious bite and the Diavola topping of pepperoni and jalapeno delights.

Even though fries don’t fit into an Italian menu, theyre made more addictive by being sparkled with Italian parmesan.  Risotto is tasty with saffron, crispy spinach and mascarpone.

Tiramisu with the perfect kiss of coffee passes with flying colors.


Though the room is pretty it is not sound proofed and can get very noisy.Too noisy. Overcooked pork belly, a plate of dismal tasteless cold cuts. That the baked cauliflower is stodgy is bad enough but is  also oversalted. Overcooked Seabass . Lacklustre coffee creme brulee. Oversweet gooey chocolate cake.All indicating how unevenly the kitchen performs.


I got to know about La Lola from my Chembur  #foodieblinddate  Rachi Gupta  She informed that it’s owned by the 21 year old Ayush Sahani. And that got me curious, later I was informed that La Lola has been inspired by an Italian girl named Lola, a figment of restaurateur Ayush Sahani’s imagination.  La Lola serves up delectable pizzas, an artichoke palm heart salad to kill for, but  falters on many a dish. That it still manages to be impressive, and at times immensely enjoyable, says a great deal about the seriousness which the 21 year old owner and his chef bring to it.

LA LOLA  Kamala Mills Compound, 3rd Floor, Trade View Building, Oasis City Complex, Lower Parel,  Ph50646177 Open: 12noon – 3:30pm, 6pm – 1am


Average meal for two Rs 3500

© 2019 by Rashmi Uday Singh

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