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It’s been my passion. Over the years. To track excellence  and celebrate it. And while doing so…it’s the unexpected that kickstarts my adrenalin. And here  in this magnificent  Parisian landmark, I thrill to expect the unexpected. For almost a century, George V has been the epitome and the definition of Parisian luxury and elegance.

 Le Cinq, it’s gastronomique restaurant been showered with three Michelin stars continuously. The sheer stratospheric excellence impeccable luxurious detailing has set a global benchmark. It has been home to the who’s who of the world. Located in the most luxurious part of Paris (where its secret aristocracy has lived for ages) the legendary Hotel George V reigns in its Franco-British aesthetic splendour. And amidst this exquisite Parisian splendour are two superlative surprises…Le George a down-to-earth Mediterranean restaurant   and an amazing all-vegetarian menu in LOrangerie, it’s other restaurant.


Simply superb. Superbly simple.No two ways about it. It’s the worlds most luscious onion, plump with flavour and melt in the mouth too. It took the brilliant chef Simone Zanoni  four whole days to cook it to his magical secret recipe, handed down to him by his grandmother. And this is just the beginning of the amazing masterpieces that’s sashay in. The brilliant young chef focuses on organic, local and grows his own vegetables and herbs. I taste one amazing creation after another infused with the chef’s personal influences and inspirations, such as the signature Le George dish the onion tarte tatin with parmesan sorbet. His creation of the Tomato tart with cacciopepe icecream dazzles.

Having worked with Gordon Ramsay, Chef Zanoni now helms Le George which has  been making waves ever since it opened and also received i. Le George serves up Mediteranean magic 

And does so amid shimmering priceless Baccarat chandeliers, mirrors and Lalique crystal. Healthy and light fare  is all about “harmonious cuisine from the heart”  an amazingly balanced and healthy menu (plenty of vegetarian too).  This  Le George more than lives up to the royal legacy it has inherited, after all it is born to the iconic George V, the hotel of kings and the king of hotels.



Chef Zanoni’s pasta is perfection. He generously shares the recipe

 Tortelli Ricotta Lemon and Mint Recipe

Dough :

-550g of flour type 45

-350g of egg yolk

-5g salt, 5g olive oil

Ricotta stuffing:

-500g of ricotta

-70g grated Parmesan cheese

-40g of pecorino grated

-20g of egg yolk

-Sel, pepper PM

Make the dough by mixing all the elements with the robot cut, knead, well squeezed and let rest in the fridge 2 hours.

Make the stuffing by mixing all the elements in a container and then remove in pastry pockets.

Spread the dough using a rolling mill to have a parte about 2mm thick, arrange the dough on the worktop and prepare hazelnuts of ricotta stuffing the size of your cookie cutter on the half of the dough then fold the dough on itself, then cut the tortelli with the help of your cookie cutter.

Cook the tortelli in salted water for 1 minute, 

prepare a pan with water and half-salted butter, a pinch of pepper and 2g of organic Sicilian lemon peel, remove the tortelli in the pan containing the mixture then finish cooking in the pan and at the end added chopped mint, then set on plate.


Great news! The one Michelin starred Lorangerie is presenting the most fascinating and gourmet vegetarian menu Ive ever tasted. When I wrote and researched the Worlds first vegetarian guide to Paris (published by Times of India and partnered by GeorgeV) I ate my way through my beloved city for two years. But this is the first time I actually watch the creation and innovation of a series of stunningly sublime vegetarian dishes. 

 And I do so in a modern conservatory of 7-metre high glass and–steel structure, which blends seamlessly with the architectural Art Deco style of the hotel with stunning views of the Courtyard  dotted with orchids. 

 Creative Sublime wizardry of simplicity... finest of seasonal ingredients dazzle. Take a bow brilliant chefs!

The genius Christian Lesquer of their gastronomique restaurant  and Alan Taudon  coax amazing flavors out of the freshest and finest of vegetables and present them with panache. Delicate gems of wizardry dazzle. And sparkle!

 Along with Jean Claude Wietzel  we taste our way through the concise, seasonal menu in which tradition is updated thanks to elegant, perfumed notes and a delicate blend of flavours.

The chefs  reliably turn what’s already enjoyable into something very remarkable. And pure vegetarian too!

LEAD PHOTO: Chef Simone Zanoni: Garden fresh and Pasta Perfect 

SECOND PHOTO: Vegetarian masterpieces: Chef Lesquer and Jean Claude Wietzel 

Vegetarian masterpieces: Chef Lesquer and Jean Claude Wietzel

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