Gujarati, Marwari thali

I confess. Im a thali-addict. Over the years Ive been on a continuous thali trail. And almost always my favorite thali restaurants have been pure vegetarian. From the superb South IndianA Rama Nayak Udipi (Matunga)thali on a banana leaf, ditto for Mani Bhawan to the Gujarati Marwari Chetana (Kala Ghoda) to the award winning Shree Thacker Bhojnalayay (Girgaum). Ofcourse many a non vegetarian restaurant serves up thalis as part of their menu too. It’s the thali-only vegetarian eateries that are my passion. There is something so satisfying about grazingendlessly, when the food is being continuously served, almost like a dream sequence.

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Manuhaar : vegtarian thali at five star prices

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