Persian, Lebanese, Indian

Never mind what Shakespeare said about “whats in a name?”. sometimes it’s the name itself  which magnetises.“Mashhad”  (named after the second most populous city of Iran) opened  up in Santacruz and had us dashing there to check it out. It claims to serve Lebanese, Persian and Indian fare.  And I requested  a trio of dapper and sporting foodies to go ahead and start ordering. to enable us to accurately check out the service and the food. These three fab fun friends travel to eat (and were just back from Barcelona). Aptly enough Vishwa Naik is Muscat born, loves Lebanese food, knows it really well and finds it as satisfying as Indian.

Read my full review on https://www.bombaytimes.com/

At Mashhad with Ali Kader (centre) flanked by Vishwa Naik and Aazaish Bhanji

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