I'm on a quest. To meet the vegetarian-flagwaving yesteryear Hollywood superstar  Brigitte Bardot. Im in her stunningly beautiful seaside home-town of Saint Tropez. And while on a quest to meet her, I eat my way through some amazing vegetarian food, I fall in love with La tarte Tropezienne, a delicious creamy tarte created by a Polish patisserie in 1955 in her honour when her hot selling film “When God created woman was being shot in SaintTropez. Yes, it’s a vegetarian tart of the region and it’s awesome.

And while on this adventure, I come across some exciting facts too…

What do Bollywood superstar, Deepika Padukone, Hollywood’s Brigitte Bardot and the 19thcentury Indian Princess Bannu Pandei from Chamba have in common? Not only is the stunningly beautiful seaside village Saint Tropez Brigitte Bardot’s home but the 19thcentury princess married and lived in Palais Pandei where we are dining now. And it is here too that Deepika Padukone stays regularly.  


It's strange but its true. Here in this beautiful palace, everything you see takes you on a journey to India (including the wall paintings, please see photo) The blend of ochre and red evoke the memory of the house’s history, involving the dashing French  General Allard who fell in love and married the lovely  Princess Bannu Pandeï from Chamba. It’s over a delicious dinner with the knowledgable and passionate about St Tropez dining companions,  Claude Maniscalco and Jacques Silvant that I listen spellbound to the love story of  the Tropezienne  General Jean-François Allard. In the early nineteenth century,  He  served Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the Punjab, fell in love with the princess and brought her back to Saint Tropez. It is in her 

beautiful Saint-Tropez residence, converted into a hotel Pan Pandei that we dine. . Statues of Buddha, Indian paintings on both cloth and glass, antiques from Kashmir, Jodhpur and Rajasthan are all around us. We taste chef Quentin Durnand’s creations, it’s the vibrant vegan starter that coms up tops. He generously shares the rccipe…

Recipe of la cocotte du Jardin de La Piboule 

Purée of artichokes :5 hearts of artichokes  /20 cl of vegetables juice/6 gr of salt


2 carrots /2 purple carrots 

2 yellow carrots /2 fennels

2 mini zucchini/2 yellow mini zucchini/2 red peppers

2 mini beetroots 

 Cook all the vegetables separately in the boiling vegetables juice and saute them right after. 

 Top with Chips of truffle (optional) /Chips of artichock 

Crispy shallot/onion

Edible flowers (optional) 


It’s a multi-treat… vegetarian  meals,  Tarte Tropezienne and the breathtakingly  charming historic St Tropez.  The 86 year old beauty Brigitte Bardot  is unable to meet me, but Guess what? Her very gallant (4th and current) husband Bernard d Ormale, not only comes with her messages to meet me but also does a tarte Tropezienne tasting with me. This round brioche with pearl sugar and a pastry cream and buttercream is addictive. Even General Allard’s fourth generation grandsom Henri Provost Allard joins us.  This Is what I call having my tarte tropezienne And eating it too.

© 2019 by Rashmi Uday Singh

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