We’re rejoicing! The sweet heat of Thailand is now being served in South Mumbai’s first stand alone Thai restaurant, Nara Thai.  This chain restaurant comes to Colaba via Bangkok, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and BKC and has been packed ever since it opened two months ago. Well-known conservationist Sam Mistry chooses Nara to continue his birthday celebration which we flagged off in Corbett and we all cheer him on. Its just what the doctor ordered, literally too, Dr Rati Mistry loves Thai food. As do Dubai based Industrialist Lov Goculdas and his keen historian wife Bharti. I lunched here twice before and this birthday dinner with fabulous company delighted.


Nudged into a beautiful heritage building, Nara sprawls  over multi-levels and fuses it’s signature purple colour  with vintage charm.A buzzy dedicated bar area, rattan bar stools and lounging sofas et al.


Depth of flavour, sparkle and vibrancy of the sweet, spicy, sour ricochet on our taste buds. Thai Chef Artittayathon Jantaso not only cooks up traditional  Nara Thai dishes but adds on over three dozen exciting new ones. Nara Thai Colaba also serves up

Thai dumplings, pillows of flavour bombs, be they Spicy Red Curry Prawn Dumplings or the Chicken Kraprao Dumplings. Even our Bombay Duck gets a Thai crispy makeover. Pepper Crab, fried to perfection,  delicately steamed John Dory, succulent Pork Belly here. Plenty for vegetarians too. From the just  the right kiss of sour spice in the Tom Yum soup to the velvety silkiness of curries, moist butterfly pea rice met with our approval. Happy surprise is the  Thai Mango Crepe Cake, lusciously piled with a dozen stacked crepes enrobed in velvety luscious cream. 

To read more : https://bit.ly/2TaJSNn

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