Updated: May 13, 2019


It is a heady combination. Gourmet food,  natural beauty and palaces. The air is kissed with the fragrance of orange blossoms growing all over this picturesque ancient city in Spain. Round shiny cheeked oranges are not only in the foreground of the photo I’ve shot but we’re also under orange trees. I’m not only addicted to the Orange torta acciete  (crisp unleavened, orange  biscuit created in this city of Seville hundreds of years ago) but also the ninety year old magnificent palace built by King Alfonso xiii. His gourmet and aesthetic sensibilities infuse this stunning Moorish and Renaissance palace with magic. Chef Bryan Deegan continues the legacy of creating sublime regional and local dishes. Carlo Suffredini who helms this historic landmark ensures that every detail is flawless. Any wonder Tom Cruise, David Rockerfeller, Gwyneth Paltrow and others continue to be regulars here?

Under the orange trees: Chef Bryan Deegan and Carlo Suffredini.

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