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It was 11pm. Dining alone was kickstarting my adrenalin. The music was loud, the lighting was soft and the restaurant was packed. As was the dance floor. I was happy to get back to my old practise of dining alone. Id done it for several years while writing the worlds first vegetarian guide to Paris. As well as for Pune’s first Food Guide and Mumbai’s first ever Nightlife guide. There’s a certain joy in dining alone. It also keeps one focussed and razorsharp alert on the food, service and ambiance without any distractions from chatting with one’s dining companions. In that crowded, hammered by loud music, darkness enrobed space, could the food really be upto anything much? Was “Play” going to only live up to it’s name? At 1 am, an enjoyable two hours later, I got the answer.


Chilled air conditioning and a lively young vibe here.

Play The Lounge, opened in July last year, on the first floor of The Orb in Andheri E. It sprawls into two rooms. The glassed in sheesha room as well as the dining area decked around the dance floor.


The menu whizzes around the globe. The very first surprise was the

Mushroom baklava. Neat little crisp.pastry pockets hold a mushy, tasty mushroom pate . A tasty Burmese

Khowsuey with a balanced creamy coconut infused curry perked up with crunchy condiments and sparkled with lemon juice. The robustly spiced paneer complete meal was served in

the “houseful” bento box complete with fragrant rice, spicy mint chutney. Chef Ranjit Nath (formerly of 212) ensures that even the John Dory was cooked just right and

Tiramisu had just the right sweetness. Attentive service helmed by Ishwar Pradhan. Plenty of innovative drinks too.


Dining in the dark, to the sund of loud music is not my idea of a great meal. The overcooked, rubbery Angare chicken tikka, hard biscuity base of the pizza disappointed. As did the chalky blueberry cheesecake


Happy surprises here. In what appears to be a noisy, dance-play (gaming zone et al) booze-centric space, food does play a prominent role. Sure! They have many a hook for everything else…on Monday, alcohol is served at MRP prices,

exciting drinking games too. But the strange sounding hotch potch of a menu, was tasty and worth trying. Play offers more than just play…also playful food. Served through the day.

PLAY The Lounge

The Orb, Next to J W Marriott, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal, 2, IA Project Rd, Andheri East,

089065 58888

Open 12 noon to 1.30 am

Av meal for two Rs 2500


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