Here it is. The most exciting and amazing foodie-surprise of all.Poland is Europe’s Vegan-vegetarian paradise. Yes!you read that right. The meat eating, East European country is bustling with not just a huge number of vegan/vegetarian restaurants but they're also of a gourmet quality. Many a restaurant has vegetarian friendly menu too. I ate my way through three cities, each one magnificent and with it’s own unique personality. Space constrains me to write in detail about how Poland has risen like Phoenix from the ashes of world war 2 and is vibrant and buzzing. I also cannot go into detail about each restaurant…so here’s a quick taste, a whiff to whet your appetite.

So, here’s the very first surprise…Poland’s oldest snack is vegetarian. Its a delicious ring shaped, hand made bread which is moist, has a chew crumb underneath and is called Obwarzanek.  Im tasting it  in  the 1000 year old historic city of Krakow s oldest market square. You can buy at any of the street carts, it is  boiled dough  and sprinkled 

with salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds or cheese, before being baked. It has the status of a 

regional food with protected geographical indication and dates back to 1394 


From the moment I land in the Polish capital’s airport named after it’s renowned pianist Chopin, my whole stay is an orchestra of the most amazing vegetarian food notes. 


Im on top of the world, in the stylish and elegant cutting edge Warszawa. This tiny dish was the amuse bouche at my very .first.meal where Dariusz Baranski creates magic And since then I've not stopped discovering. 


Outstanding vegan sushi. Chef Nazar’s intricately composed sushi of marinated vegetables dazzle.


Purely Vegan…big, plump, moist and delicious burgersvegan hotdogs choice of pattiessauces sides. Yum.


Taco with jackfruit to coconut curry from Cambodia… delicious well balanced AsianMexican Italian & more as well as a range of desserts  LEONARDO VERDE

How about some Vegan salami vegan prosciutto and more on your vegan pizza? I loved them all.

Raffles Europejski 

Chef Benat Alonso  composes gourmet flavor combinations & textures from the freshest of artichokes cauliflowercarrots with the sweetest finale of chocolate rhubarb


 Trendy contemporary cafe by Vegan queen Malka kafka. Love the fresh and delicious food frommuhammara hummus to kunafa& kosher wines 


Time stands still in this thousand year old city; but the food scene and the night life scene rocks. 


In the beautiful magic garden of the Balthazar design hotel’s Fiorentina, the brilliant chef Robert Koczwara s delicate masterpiece of cucumber

yoghurtgrapefruit granita flags off my vegetarian tasting menu dinner.  He creates vegetarian magic from many a traditional dish. 


 The perfect hummus and even shakshouka.made with chickpeasand egg even a moist delicious Brownie made of chickpeas. The charming and talented couple, Kasia and Bartensure perfection.


Is it possible to have vegetarianudon? With an intensely flavored stock? In Bartek Kozina’s Ka Udon it is. The stock is rich with sundried tomato 

kombu and redpepper, crunchy tempura,pickles, unique home brewed beer .. stout with coffee. 


 Would you believe this? Polish owner, No onion, no garlic?  Delicious curries, dals, sambhar samosas all

 by Pawel Rogowski 


At the iconic Copernicus a magnificent 500 year old palace I taste the most amazing Vegan scallop Marcin FilipKiewicz coaxes amazing flavors and textures from the freshest of local vegetables. 


This charming city which used to be the textile hub is now alive with shopping dining complexes in old mills and factories. 


Bespoke creative surprise wows in this cutting edge design centric hotel. Creative chef Miro and dreamteam of Andels  cooking up a fourvegetarian versions of the four cuisines which have influenced Kuchnia polska or Polish cuisine. German, Jeiwish, Russian and Polish and at one mealtime I get an overview of the evolution of Polish cuisine.


Crumchy, flavorsome Asian dishes in this pure vegan restaurant have me asking for more.

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