Is it your dream to be full of energy? To be fulfil your days work with vigour and enthusiasm? To work hard? Play hard? And be powered with energy? Ive been researching this through my travels,  Health TV shows,  meeting experts, doctors and chefs.

Today I share with you nuggets of useful and usable information that ll get you kickstarted with vigor.



Im amid the magnificent mountains by the shimmering Lake Tegernsee. Here, the most amazing scientific research is taking place. The recipes are being evolved by 70 chefs and as many doctors.  This at the leading Lanserhof medical institution, which has been at the forefront of cutting edge research and most interestingly is based on a symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and state-of-the-art medicine treating both mind and body.

I learn all the principles from the doctors, from the medical director Dr Elke Reisch. It is based on the Classical Mayr Medicine, genetic diagnostics, energy and information medicine and quantum physics with the age-old wisdom of healers.

Its all about  high energy. Happily,  good health and

pleasures of the palate are not mutually exclusive.

Energy Cuisine reflects the state-of-the-art research findings of nutritional science, yet still places great emphasis on regional, organic and fresh produce cooked in gentle, product protecting ways.

Other than having long sessions with the doctors I also attend chef Karsten Wolf’s cooking classes. The ever helpful Torstein Kiener translates the German explanations of the chefs.

Here, they not only demonstrate recipes but also explain why a good breakfast in the morning is essential. Why should you give your body high value protein, vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables in the morning ?

How come breakfast is the only meal at which heightened carbohydrate consumption does not cause you to put on weight?

The reasons are simple.Our enzymes (protein molecules that control metabolism) are very active Cortisone, adrenaline and thyroid hormones all attain their highest levels during these hours. So what you eat during this period is assimilated  easily and really well.

Here is an  easy to make  breakfast recipe from Chef Karsten



100g oat flakes

100 ml soy or oat milk (alternative: water)

½ apple

½ pear

125g yoghurt (sheep’s milk, cow’s milk)

Alternatively soy or coconut yoghurt


Soak the oat flakes in milk or water for 15-20

minutes (or overnight)

Grate the fruits and add to the soaked oat flakes

Stir in the yoghurt of your choice

Add nuts or raisins if you like


There is calm and tranquillity. He heals with gentle compassion. Hailing from Lebanon, Fady Habibi s fame has spread far and wide. I was recommended to meet him by  Jhanvi Panjabi the famous jeweller  in Hong Kong.

Other than a healing session, its his healer’s views on diet and nutrition that interest me “I believe in balance” he reiterates. “Food of course will effect your life of course effect your healing your health your mind, your thinking so its part of the package” You cannot keep  praying or being positive and then eat all the rubbish food in between, he points out.

Fruits are what Fady recommends. They emit the highest vibration ever he points out. Vibrations differ, between what grows underground (carrots potatoes et al)  and on the top (grass to or trees). Fruits grow on top on the tree or top of a bush and soak up the highest form of sun and air energy. Also eating them raw, without cooking further preserves their nutrients.

While considering a fruit diet it is important not to mix it with another type of food as fruits produces different type of digestive enzymes that can break food in 2-3 hours while fat, protein and carbs depend on another digestive enzymes

Eat fruit, advises healer Fady, it is highest the food and energy on this planet.

At any rate adding fruits is a must. They will fuel your body with energy and a higher vibration too.


Its surprising but it’s true! My favourite, creamy, delicious Middle-Eastern chickpea dip, hummus is an incredible source of energy goodness.

Firstly, its an excellent source of plant-based protein, a100g serving of chickpeas contains 20.47 grams of protein.  Also  it has all the essential amino acids needed to be converted and used for energy. Loaded with iron, folate, phosphorus and B vitamins. Hummus also contains lemon juice, full of vitamin C as well as antioxidants. Another ingredient, tahini, (made of sesame seeds) is loaded with copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous. Garlic, is rich in antioxidants and it also has a ton of trace minerals along with a good number of vitamins too.

And then to my delight, in Chennai, at our “Whatshot tasting sessions” held at the ITC Grand Chola  I taste not only the most delicious hummus, but also different flavors and it is home made. Home made by

Anolii Mavani from Halls Road, Kilpauk, who does this full time. She takes orders . Sells by the jar. Anolii even makes tahini at home.

We choose You can choose options of  pesto, olive, jalapeno, sundried tomatoes, mixed herbs, spicy, classic and spinach and feta.  Helping me do the tasting, the globetrotting gourmet  Sanjukhtaa Roy and I both loved the refreshing pesto and the punch of the the  jalapeno.  As Sanjukthaa pointed out “ its light flavorful and can be combined with many dishes”

And to accompany the hummus, Anolii  also makes zatar pita bread and wholewheat crackers. The crackers come in paprika, parmesan, rosemary and multigrain flavours. Anolii supplies a box of three flavours of hummus   Ph. 09 7910- 88 988.

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