Gujarati/ Marwari Thali

This column is dedicated to you. Yes! To you who is reading this. Wishing you health, safety and a positivity of mindset. I write this while in productively happy  and complete self quarantine. Back to a regular routine of yoga, walking, reading, painting, sculpting, cooking, meditating, listening to music, praying and writing. Today, I review this Vashi  restaurant,  it was open at the time of going to press.  I lunched there with my well-traveled  #foodieblinddate couple. Businessman Hari Ramnath and lifestyle writer  Gita Hari, who

curates Sattvik Tambrahm recipes for Food Promotions at 5 star hotels. Committed vegetarians, Gujarati-Rajasthani thali tops their favorites list. Our review follows.


Simply done up, spacious room. A few dolls depicting folk lore.  Dhoti and turban wearing waiters bustle around.


In our thali meal, it was the traditional Gujarati winter specialty  Surti Undhiyu bursting with plump purple yam, raw banana and steamed chickpea muthia that was authentic and came up tops. The Gujarati daal and kadhi passed the acid test of the perfect kiss of  sweetness, Mellow with ghee  Kathiyawadi khichdi, delicious with sweet churma,

Rajasthani Dal baati delighted.

As did the mildly spiced Rajma udad masala.


Inattentive service! we had to keep requesting for repeats. Also, (Gita Hari took meticulous notes) we were not served  all the farsans in the menu. Salad of Papaya marcha Dahi papdi chaat was left out. It was the same with the desserts. Insipid  Mewari paneer, greasy

Aloo chips. Cold Phulka, puris, rotla, chilla.


We had great expectations. Over the years,  Rajdhani has built up a reputation for excellent food and service (See BOX on how my foodie blinddate Jyoti Kasliwal guided me to the most superlative  thali meal in Rajdhani Lohar Chawl area. In the early 90s) . Though some of the dishes on the winter thali menu delighted, many were lacklustre, some not served at all and others served cold. Service left a lot to be desired. We are all fans of the thali and in Gita Hari’s words request Rajdhani to “buckle up and reboot!”

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Satara Plaza, Ground Floor, 7, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Av meal Price for two: 1000

Open : 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM , 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Delivery Available





Be my #Foodieblinddate. As soon as this Corona Virus is eradicated, lets dine together and explore restaurants. Like I did with Gita Hari in this column. Over the years, my foodieblindates have led me to the most amazing restaurants. Even before the internet, I used a phone answering machine and that’s how I met the vivacious Jyoti Kasliwal (who coincidentally guided me to the barbecue chaas in Rajdhani restaurant in Lohar Chawl). And Arif Memon (now in Texas)  with whom I spent delightful hours eating barahandi and more in the Mohammed Ali Road area. Over the years, Ive dined with many a foodieblinddate in Paris, Dubai, LA, Berlin, NYC et al. But today I thank just a few (due to space constraint)  of my  Mumbai #foodieblinddates who've stayed in touch and keep me plugged into Mumbai’s restaurant news. Many have become big time food influencers too. Kalyan Karmakar and Kainaz,  Shilpa Chawla from Bandra, Jumanna Hufeza Electricwala from Mazgaon, Aaditya Bhatt from Cuffe Parade, Dr Mohapatra from Vashi, Moumita Sriram  from Mulund, Uttkarkarsha Kesarkar from Thane thank you for sparkling my life with delicious joy!  Get in touch  Please email rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com, instagram, tweet. Waitingly yours.

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