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Which is the best place to learn all about the soup-er healer? And the super-healer ? Not just chicken soup, but all kinds of foods. Not just the healing co-relation between health and food but also between food and many a health problem and even disease. I found the answers in the finest, the most prestigious, most advanced of multi-disciplinary medical icons. Located within air-kissing distance of Mahalaxmi temple,Mumbai’s most revered and holy18th century temple of worship, is this temple of healing. The Breach Candy hospital combines advanced high tech research, the most brilliant doctors and a strong dedicated team in every medical department as well as the Nutrition department.

Here they ensure that all the patients are given optimum nutrition taking into account their therapeutic requirements, their likes and dislikes and allergies so as to provide them a balanced diet which is in close proximation to the RDA requirement of that particular age group patient.

Extra emphasis is given to critical care and vulnerable patients by providing them high protein and nutrient dense meals.

They have four parallel menus running simultaneously namely Continental non veg, Continental veg, Indian non veg and Indian veg.

Ofcourse, I pray no one has to get into hospital to understand these manifold aspects and connections of food and health. So I picked the brains, asked many a question from the chief nutritionist Rashiqa Ashraf, spoke to Chef and catering chief Gev Mistry and the lady who symbolizes hospitality in Mumbai Shirin Batliwala. Got many tried, tested and tasted answers. Here they are…


It is here that I not only nourished and nurtured by the most delicious healing chicken soup but also find out from the team why it’s titled “chicken soup for the soul” Sure it has amazing medicinal qualities but chicken soup always gives that feeling of warmth and goodness too.

Heres where nutrition gets stirred in with medically explicable reasons.

Chicken like most protein rich foods, contains amino acids called cysteine, Which are released When you make the soup. Cysteine beats a remarkable chemical similarity to a drug called acetylcysteine, And this is the drug doctors prescribe for their patients with bronchitis and respiratoty infections. So now you know Why your grandma is right When she coaxes you to have chicken soup When you are feeling fIuey or under the weather.

Read on.

Plenty of rigorous research by The University omeaha found that chicken soup actually blocks migration of White cells called neutrophils which can lead to the symptoms of inflammation and cold. Restrained from migrating, the neutrophils “would not accumulate in the lungs” explains Dr. Rennatd “and therefore the person does not have symptoms of the inflammatoty process Which in the lungs is cough, production of sputum and general malaise”. Dr Rematd goes on to point out that “chicken soup is so therapeutically potent, it works even when diluted two hundred times.”

Chicken extract prepared from tender meat like the breast 1.9 a very effective liquid-protein food during convalescence from acute febrile diseases. It Is particularly useful during pregnancy after childbirth, influenza, general malaise nervous weakness and insanity. It can also be given in all the protein deficiency indications.

Make food your medicine

Hippocrates the father of modern medicine who advised two centuries ago “make food your medicine, your medicine your food” would’ve approved with due respect and implementation being given to his advice. Ive got together a long list of diets for various diseases…and most importantly, the reason behind each diet. Due to shortage of space I share about just a couple of all I learnt.


The terms MUFA PUFA have been thrown at us all the time. Trans fats and saturated fatty acids (SFA) are nothing but the fats that increase your cholesterol, these include butter, ghee, lard, margarine. Next the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are the good guys, the ones which help to decrease your cholesterol levels, their sources include sunflower, safflower, soyabean and mustard oils

The Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) are also in the good guy league… help to decrease your cholesterol levels. Drizzle more Groundnut, sesame and olive oils please.

The famous omega-3: Decrease your cholesterol levels ? Ask for fish oils, soyabean, mustard and flax seed oils.

So ofcourse, invisible sources of fat in nuts like coconut, peanuts, almonds and cashewnuts are avoided. And papads, pickles, biscuits, kharis, farsans notn served.. Instead they serve soyabean and fatty fish flax seeds and garden cress seeds, pomegranate, black berries, broccoli and garlic too.

KIDNEY FRIENDLY: Here, they observe that all important rules: restricting the fluid intake (water, soup, room temperature liquid) as per the recommendation of the doctor. Ditto for carbonated beverages, caffeinated beverages and alcohol and animal protein a big no no. Plant based proteins are included in the food Protein reacts on the serum creatinine. 

Should you need information on any particular disease and food ..please mail me on rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.comand I will be happy to share with you what Ive learnt from the medical and nutritional team here.

Simply superb and superbly simple Chicken soup

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