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I got into a whole different orbit. In more ways than one. Navi Mumbai itself was a totally different Mumbai. And it’s Orbit mall spins in an orbit of it’

s own too. A behemoth of gleaming lights, it’s cacophonic, jam packed and bustling. It buzzed on many different floors and offered as many dining options as shops.

Guiding me through this was a gallant young man, who’d been here, done that. He skilfully steered me past wild-eyed determined shoppers, pastfaltus who d come into the aircondiitoned cool of the mall just to ogle. And we lined up behind the hungry ones prowling around for the kill. Like us. We zeroed in on Soy street because I was curious to know what a  Pan Asian restaurant in a Navi Mumbai mall would be like  


Pleasant, cheery décor greeted us. Black and white painted wall,  TV sets. Black wooden tables, blue floor,large well stocked bar counter and well lit open terrace too.


 Pan Asian (which takes within it’s sweep Burma to Japan) and surprise! Surprise! South Indian too. It’s the crispy, vibrantly spiced chatpatta Bangkok chicken that we enjoyed the most. Chicken lollipop, mutton chilli…tasty Chindian dishes.

 Soft cubes of 

Paneer paired well with crackling spinach. 

Fine tuned to the Indian palate,  chilli straw potatoes to veg Manchurian, there was plenty for Vegetarians. 

Their VegetarianKhaosuey was tasty but needed more accompaniments.Filling

Big stir fry bowls offer the choice to mix and match the sauces (chilli garlic to hunan) toppings (chicken tofu etc) and are a good option if you’re in a hurry, hungry and in need of a nourishing meal.


The South Indian fare nose-dived. Bland, lacklustre stew, ditto for the Gassi. Soggy appams. Small portions which were highly priced. In the Asian section, the sushi needed finetuning and there were some strange combinations (Pesto bocconcini sushi ). Thick-skinned dimsum with tasty fillings.

Avoidable desserts (Blue berry Red vclvet cheesecake)


This Navi Mumbai mall restaurant jostles for attention and bends over backwards to please.It serves  Thai Vietnamese, sushi, Burmese…as though all that was not enough. South Indian too. Here’s the surprise  the Asian fare is far better than the  South Indian. 

 They offer a VFM Lunch buffet (Rs 650) too please check is they still do the lunch boxes.  It has a well-stocked bar and is  open through the day. So if youre in the vicinity and looking for crowdpleasing, chatpatta Asian then pop into Soy Street. 

SOY STREET Inorbit Mall, Sector 30 A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Ph 65255095 

 12 Noon to Midnight 

FOOD 3 SEVICE 3.5 DECOR 3.25  

Av meal for 2: Rs 1500

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