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It’s ideal. It’s the best time to get back to our kitchens. Let the crisis times of Corona virus, propel us back to cooking, baking and stirring in love and sweet hope. Ive always seen the proverbial glass as half full and not half empty. And today, I share with you  the recipe of my comfort food, my very favourite rice- pudding. I love it in all it’s multitudinous forms in different countries. And Im always in search of local recipes, whichever country  I visit. Today, I share with you the rice-pudding Arroz Dos  recipe from  Portugal. And that too from Portugal ‘s most iconic landmark. A destination for discerning gourmets. A temple to edible art.  Several decades ago, Ritz Lisbon began life as an idea in the mind of António de Oliveira Salazar  and Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva, a modern crusader dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Portuguese artistic and cultural heritage. It was here in this magnificent art deco  and  Louis XVI styled interiors that I get to taste and to receive the unique rice pudding recipe.

Before I share the recipe, allow me to share some eye-opening facts, which I learnt from the brilliant  Pascal Maynard, a brilliant chef who grew up surfing and kayaking  and this  adventurous spirit has impacted hugely on his career. Forever in search of new techniques, products and innovations he also ensures preserving tradition and authenticity as does his patisseur Diogo Lopes They lead Masterclasses teaching some of the iconic  desserts be it raspberry mille-feuille – the trail blazing sudachi, flavoured with Japanese citrus  presented to look like a mistaken for a fresh-picked lime. Also included is the marinated seabass  with Ritz salt (please see photo) and should you want the recipe please mail me rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com. Due to space constraint we cannot carry it here.


Didn’t we all think that tea originated in Britain and is a British tradition? Here’s the fact, it was introduced to Britain by Catherine of Braganza, who became Queen upon marrying King Charles II.

I get to know this while sipping tea (cultivated on the Açores Island), the oldest tea plantation in Europe, dating back to 1883). And interestingly the chefs ensure that their edible creations reflect the Hotel’s existing art and energy. I taste the gaasronomique masterpieces and zero in on my favorite rice pudding.


Ah! Sweet comfort. I love the simple rice pudding in all it’s avatars. From our very own  jiggery infused “Payasam” in South India and “Kheer” from North India  to the Spanish Arroz con leche  (love the lemon zest in it) the Indonesian,  black glutinous rice porridge “ketan hitam”

Legend has it that it was the rice pottages from the time of the Romans that gave birth to the rice pudding. Be it the Arabic Muhalibiyya (made more delicious with rosewater) our broken rice“Firni

Portuguese Arroz doce. Chef Maynard generously shares the recipe.

Sweet Rice with cinnamon


Water 500gr/ Rice                250gr

Cinnamom stick                   2 /

Lemon peel                          2 /

Milk                                    1 litre/

Sugar                                   150gr/

Salt                              to taste

English Custard :

Milk                             500gr/

Cream                           500gr/

Vanilla pod                          1 /

Sugar                                   250gr/

Egg yolks                             250gr/

Preparation :

In a pot add the milk, sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon stick until it boils. In another pot, add the rice, water and salt, bring to a low heat until the water evaporates. When the milk is boiled, put over the rice until cooked and the milk evaporates. After the rice is cooked and creamy, add the English Custard. Place in a bowl, let it cool and sprinkle with cinnamon powder. Enjoy!

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