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Found. Finally.  The only one of it’s kind. A guiding light. It guides through the  swirling, whirling tidal waves and tsunamis of information and misinformation on “food” and  it’s “health benefits”. Should we reduce our carb intake? Increase our protein? Atlast, there are definitive answers. The reason?

They are based on science and evidence-based medicine from the globally renowned medical center. They are being conducted in the world leader of medicine and reseach, Mayo Clinic (a non profit center). Not only does Mayo Clinic have 150 years of expertise in complex medical conditions, they also have extensive knowledge of how wellness affects our health. They are applying their knowledge and research it so that everyone can benefit.


So here I am then, raising a toast to the ninety years young visionary Dan Abraham. He is the entrepreneur and philanthropist who set up Mayo clinic’s “healthy living program” . It is an amazing program and ofcourse, food forms a very major part of it.

Mayo Clinic, wellness is defined as being healthy both in body and mind.  The dynamic Dr Donald Hensrud  who specialized  preventive medicine and  nutrition points out “What you do, what you eat, and how you handle stress impact your wellness. We designed our program around core pillars of wellness: nutrition, physical activity, resiliencyand wellness coaching”.This is an immersive programe and the challenge is not only in making the changes but sustaining them. He guides me through nutrition, data, randomized control trials that they have done. Dr Hensrud has also done studies on  Gluten and led many research papers.

SMART & NEAT Approach

What is really exciting is that in this medical center, they are viewing diet, Meditation, Guided imagery and other complementary therapies.

The  SMART ( Stress Management and Resiliency Training) program is being led by our very own Dr Amit Sood. His books on “Happiness” “Stressfree living” are not only based on science but offer practical, do able solutions. It is really interesting to meet this low-profile but high-octane doctor from Bhopal who has more than  Ten published studies. He is bringing timeless spiritual values into mainstream medicine. The most compelling aspect is the integration of neuroscience with spiritual principles and the down to earth practical approach he has taken. Its so interesting that Consultant and Assistant Professor of Medicine in the department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Dr. Roberto Benzo, M.D not only meditates but teaches it, Jamie Friend, certified wellness coach and ya teacher not only follows his principles but also imparts them brilliantly.

I also try out the NEAT (Nonexercise activity thermogenesis) an amazing way to workout at the desk.

Led by ALynn Kakuk dr of physical therapy Bradly Prigge . Dr Brent Bauer who heads up the integrated medicine explains the studies being conducted on nutrition, massage as a therapy and many others.


Ofcourse, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting…so I not only taste the food made according to Mayo principles but also learn from the  Wellness Executive chef Jennifer Welper who combines creativity with nutritional principles and produces masterpeices.   Interestingly, while they are not fanatical they do believe in the benefits of a mainly plant and fruit diet. I eat the yummiest lunch in The Mayo clinic center of Healthy Living and do one better than that…I also send you the recipe for it.

P.S.  How amazing is this? That the worlds leading medical and research center Mayo Clinic recently became a sponsor of America Cooks With Chefs, a nationwide health and wellness initiative that connects Americans with celebrity chefs to translate food into healthy, tasty and practical dishes.  I have  many a book and recipe, should you need any information, please mail rashmiudaysingh2015@gmail.com, instagram, twitter @rashmiudaysingh

From Mayo clinic, the worlds leading medical center…Dr Donald Hensrud with Executive wellness chef Jennifer Welper


Serves:  6-7


2 cups            Quinoa, cooked

2 cups            Sweet potato, cooked, mashed or

2 each            Eggs

3 cloves          Garlic, minced

6 ounces         Gruyere or parmesan cheese, shredded

1 tsp.                     Salt

¼ tsp.                    Black pepper

¼ tsp.                    Nutmeg

2 T.               Parsley, fresh, chopped very fine

2 T.               Olive oil for searing


Preheat oven to 375F.  Spear sweet potatoes then bake in oven for about 45 minutes or until they are completely soft and cooked.  Cook quinoa, then let cool.

Once sweet potatoes are baked allow to slightly cool until able to handle.  Mix cooled quinoa, sweet potatoes, eggs, garlic, cheese, salt, pepper, nutmeg and parsley.

Preheat sauté pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil unless you have very large sauté pan for all quinoa cakes.  Form quinoa cakes into ¼ cup patties and then sear in pan until golden brown on each side.  To ensure heated through patty you may bake in oven for additional 5 minutes.

Chef’s Note:  This recipe should make 14 ¼ cup patties and if serving as a main meal 2 quinoa cakes would be more meal size.

Calories: 260 for 2 quinoa cakes,Protein 12 grams, Carbohydrates 26g, Fat grams 12, Sodium 340mg, Fiber 4 grams.


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