Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

You don’t even need to believe in magic (like I do) because there is real magic here.  Timelessly real. Ever heard or read of a palace being built first? And the city around it?  This over a century old, iconic and magnificent palace caused the creation of a whole city around it.Thus the golden triangle  the palace  Hotel de Paris, the Casino  and the Café de Paris led to the birth of Monte Carlo.. Several years ago, I shot my TV show (for ET Now)  in this magnificent  Hotel de Paris with it’s timeless Belle Epoque spirit and the casino. Its wonderful to be back to a reinvented but equally timeless palace.  It lives up to Prince Charles III principles upon which Monte-Carlo was based: a place distinguished by its luxury, comfort and location… 

Any wonder, Presidents,  Kings, queens, dukes, Sir W. Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, 

Michael Jackson Tina Turner , Roberto Cavalli, Stevie Wonder

Silver Screen Royalty stayed here and there are charming anecdotes about each too.

I love the sprawling spa, the swimming pools, the beautiful new Princess Grace Suite inspired by

the timeless elegance of Princess Grace of Monaco too. But most of all it’s the culinary magic that magnetizes me here.


Culinary magic infuses the shimmering triple Michelin starred hallowed temple to gastronomy…Alain Ducasse’s Le Louis XV.  This magic extends into  the entire repertoire spearheaded by the Michelin starred Alain Ducasse, Ômer offers Mediterranean creations by Alain Ducasse and the Michelin starred Le Grill more than lives upto it’s name. The luxurious Eggs Benedict under a mink-like blanket of sauce Hollandaise for breakfast with the charming  Eric Bessone and a visit to the timeless cellar with it’s sleeping beauties of rare wines is an experience. It’s the largest hotel wine cellar in Europe and is steeped in history. 


History was made here in this breathtakingly beautiful gastronomique temple Le LouisXV .  It was a treat to film my TV show here several years ago and a treat to go back now and feast on the shimmering ambiance, service and ofcourse masterpieces of flavour and texture, This is where maestro Alain Ducasse began his career and forged his iconic dishes which tell the story of the Riviera. Produce, flavours, colours, iconic recipes, Provence garden vegetables, black truffe continue to be on the menu since inception in 1987. “Before cooking comes  nature” says Alain Ducasse. He distils Riviera’s sunshine and finest, freshest of produce which sparkle our lunch .From the amuse bouche to the cheese and dessert courses there is the perfection of simplicity. Flavours are lively and honest. There is joy a lightness and freshness and oh! that iconic pure vegetarian cookpot delights with its intense earthy flavour. On the legendary old Mediterranean notes, the lyrics have been completely rewritten. Chef Dominique Lory and Alain Ducasse s menu itself with  contemporaneousness and youth. Vigorous jus, intense broths, fresh condiments.  To add freshness, the meal is punctuated by a vegetal pause of the refreshing a green apple/sorrel granité. Regional authenticity and essential Riviera favours express  themselves without compromise The humble chickpea  finds its place, as does the Roquebrune-Cap-Martin maquis  myrtle. Unique bread made from trufe wheat and sublime traditional baguette, the olive or bacon fougasse, buckwheat bread or stone ground Four bread too. The sweet finale is voluptuous with roundness and smoothness.  And happily the legendary Rum baba, with lightly whipped cream, remains on the menu.The immaculate ballet of service by  Claire Sonnet, the gorgeous restaurant manager is the ultimate pampering magic.   


Please take  a look at the accompanying photograph. Its heaven redefined...Whichever angle you look at it from....this airy dreamy rich legendary chocolate souffle at the Michelin starred le grill is a chocoholic s dream come true. Mine for sure And wow what a view from the 8th floor Impeccable service.. perfectly roasted chicken and creamy pumpkin

 soup too. I could have the chocolate souffle for starter main and dessert...ofcourse. Due to space constraint I am not able to share the recipe here, should you need it please email rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com

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