Bar.Food. Vibes…announces Lokhandwala’s latest arrival, “Um Doiss Tres”. Never mind if we cant get the pronunciation of it’s name right, or it’s spelling. We googled it’s meaning…one. two. three in Portugese (Um Doiss Tres) and got our  sporting foodie buddies Amrita and Richard Koszarek to join us. They’re either cooking up banquets in their sprawling Alibag and Juhu bungalows or globetrotting. Luckily they were in Mumbai and we ate our way through the menu. Our review follows


Perched on top of Nature’s Basket, this 90 seater large space sprawls with colour and sound. Spanish hacienda-style arches  separate various sections of the restaurant, TV screens, colourful paintings, blue-and-white Portuguese-Goan  tiles  line its walls.


 Don’t let the menu confuse you…Spanish, Portuguese, Goan, Italian, Mexican Lebanese… Ask for the  triangles of mushroom  samosas,  deliciously oozing with cream cheese and mushroom.

Wedges of fried brie cheese set off by the sweet acidity and crunch of green apple slaw hit the sweet spot. 

 Marinated to perfection, the pork chops were succulent and tasty. As was the dramatically platedvertical skewer Espedata of flavourful Roast Garlic Chicken served with potatoes. Dukkah fans ask for the chicken, even though it was a tad overcooked. The cocktails are expertly  infused with seasonal fruits...fresh herbs and spices:Black grape & Berry Mojito, Bitter Orange Martini recommended.


The menu meanders in to too many different continents. Some of the dishes lacked authenticity and were avoidable. Thick crust pizza was doughy, many a dish was unavailable.  Chicken over doused with dukkah. Over sweet and lacklustre,  seradura sadly literally lived up to it’s “sawdust” translation. 

To read more: https://bit.ly/2YWoiSh

High On Thai

Found. The world’s best  Thai version of our “paan” (betel leaf) “Mieng Pla Kapong”  its a flavour bomb which implodes which the sweet spicy heat of Thailand. It’s the Here, I not only taste it but also get the recipe. Here, in Krabi, Thailand,  feasting takes on a whole different meaning. Not only do I get high on the sweet heat of authentic  Thai flavours but do so amid 26 acres of lush, tropical beauty of Rayavadee, surrounded by towering limestone, jungle-topped cliffs emerald  water of the Andaman sea.  Tamarind,Gooseberry, Mango and Coconut and herbs grow all around us.

It is here that the brilliant chef Amphan Chaiyawan  weaves her wok magic. As waves crash rhythmically at our feet, she  celebrates the sweet heat of Thailand. And orchestrates an amazing symphony of the flavours and perfumes  of lemon grass, ginger, galangal, coconut, Thai basil. Sugary and fiery notes see saw together. The ever helpful Keiko Hori translates for us as we thrill to the dishes. That with each dish we order, a Thai baht is donated to underprivileged charity or that that each dish is made of locally sourced sustainable ingredients only magnifies deliciousness.

Should you want the recipe of Mieng Pla Kapong, please email me rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com

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