Updated: May 13, 2019


It’s a challenge. Ferreting out vegetarian restaurants  in the world’s highest meat and seafood consuming city. And yet here we are in the pure vegetarian Japanese Isoya tripping out on their unique creations. My gorgeous guests are vegetarians too, like the forever helpful, committed to social causes, high profile Hong Kong based Malti Dialdas and the internationally known brilliant journalist, soon to be author Gayatri Shah. Together with the lovely Diane Won, former  finance professional we have a fun  lunch. My vegetarian research gets very exciting as I  lunch with  Bobsy at his pioneering  vegan “Mana”, David Yeung’s “Green commons” taste the “ Beyond meat burger” dine at Peggy Chan’s “Grassroots pantry” and wow what superb dimsum at the all vegetarian “Lock cha” located in lush garden. Plenty of vegetarian-friendly high-end dining too, like the Michelin starred Amber, Otto e Mezzo,  Duddells and Forum where the 86 year old legendary chef still cooks. “New Punjab Club” actually serves up balle balle food. Uber glamorous stylish Bonnay Gokson’s  “Sevva” magnetises the whos who and here (thanks to Malti) I taste amazing Asian dishes and dosa too. Vegetarian Hong Kong preens with high octane  oomph and glamor!!!

PS Please share your favourite Vegetarian Hongkong restaurants rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com.

Gorgeous vegetarians Gayatri Shah, Malti Diladas and Diane Won (standing) at ISOYA.

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