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Ive done it again and again. Used the invaluable help of locally based #foodieblinddates to explore Mumbai, Chennai, Paris, LA, Berlin and more. They not only guide me to the right restaurants but also know what to order. Connecting to my readers has been my passion. Over 30 years ago, pre-social media days, my Newspaper column had a phone and answering machine to reach out to my readers and go on #foodieblinddates.

Social media has made it superbly simple. This time, in response to my exploring Vashi, Navi Mumbai, CBD Belapur, once again I struck gold. Double gold. Charming Nerul based foodies,

Dr Sharmila Mohapatra dean general management and her successful lawyer daughter

Shreya Mohapatra not only guided me but also mailed me their views. Our great fun lunch review follows.


In Vashi’s Satra Plaza,

push through the inconspicuous entrance to find yourself in a highceilinged, sprawling space cluttered with mementos, antiques, trinkets, photo framed ceilings, mismatched chairs and more. A fun bar space and sit-down dinner areas to a secluded library on the mezzanine, a dance floor and pub on the lower level.


“Made in Foreign” is Vilayati’s tagline. And the starters live up to it. Deliciously.Achari aioli is sprinkled on the golden fried, cheese stuffed onion ring, Sevpuri tops the pizza, thecha crowns the hummus, tomato rasamand rice vermicelli consort together and make for a flavorsome soup with the mini samosa adding texture.

Flavorsome union of Africa and Mumbai Mumbai pav bhaji served in a bowl of bready bunny chow style. Must ask for this gimmicky but delicious dish which arrived onto the table under a smoke filled glass dome, the succulent, non greasy chicken lollypops. End with The Ras malai tres leches were light and had just the right amount of sweetness.


Long and confusing menu. Stodgy Kur Kuri cheese cigars, Cheese filled wonton sheets coated in vermicelli. Overcooked prawns in the otherwise flavorsome Alleppey Prawn curry. Madras mutton curry cooked with Madras onions was light and the mutton tender but it did not have the taste and flavours of the authentic Madras mutton curry.

Mish mash salad of Avocado, tender coconut and baby spinach.


“Culinary cross-pollination” in Vashi ! “Made in foreign” is the tagline and Vilayati manages to pull it off . Firstly they don’t take this pledged fusing too seriously or execute it too meticulously and stick to the traditional (Kababs and mains) The lively ambiance and

the friendly service (helmed by Simon Ghatani) papers over the long confusing menu’s weak spots.

But when chef Krishna hits his mark, the cooking appealingly complements the lively atmosphere. Don’t go for fine dining. Its fun dining all the way!


Shop 5, Satra Plaza,

Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Open: 11:30a.m. – Midnight

Meal for two: Rs. 1,600


§ Food: 3.5

§ Service:3.5

§ Décor: 3.5

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