Here, amid spectacular Swiss Alpine beauty, Im being regaled by many a “first time” wonder. This is my first time ever “water-tasting”, detox-juice picnic and also taste the most delicious “salad dressing mousse” ever. And common amongst all these is “water”. Simply because this water is world famous. It’s healing. It’s centuries old. It's the magical thermal water that rushes out of the Tamina Gorge and it all starts at a mountain nearby from a Benedictine Monastery and ancient baths. In 1840 Bad Ragaz was discovered and then became a key element to heal and soothe joints and accelerates healing soothes the skin with different minerals. And it is around this that not only the public baths Tamina Therme and the stylish luxurious Grand  Resort Bad Ragaz has been magnetising the rich and beautiful but also those in need of healing. The Bad Ragaz medical centre is Europes leading wellness centre and our very own Kolkatta born Anita Basu is the director here.  

Please take a look at the photograph… And the plate of salad (in the photo) bursting with garden freshness. It is hands down, the most memorable salad I've eaten till now.

 One of Switzerland s most celebrated chefs, Sven Wassmer  has created it. It has a layer of luscious velvety lettuce mousse, salad-dressing. Holding this plate of the unique and delicious salad is our very own Anita Basu When doctors and chefs work in harmony a memorable energy is generated... any wonder that Sven’s gourmet healthy lifestyle restaurants are aptly name “Verve” Memories? Evoking memories? memories of childhood discoveries? of the great outdoors? of a sense of wonder ?  making  unknown connections and creating new memories? The brilliant young Swiss chef Sven Wassmer s delicious wellbeing  cuisine knows no borders except that of the seasons and the spectacular Alpine beauty distills itself itself not only in my plate but also memory. 

 From Cucumber blossoms crowned with  Oona Caviar, Kohlrabi is served up.like a rose bud to desserts.

Chef Wassmer very generously shares the recipe of the Lettuce Mousse (serves as the most delicious creamy dressing)

 170 g Lettuce puree ( salt, pepper, blanched)

95 g heavy cream (whip until almost stiff, three-quarters of the way)

2 leaves gelatine

 The outer lettuce leaves are washed and then blanched in salted water. Then mixed with salt and some pepper in a blender (Vitamix) to a fine purée.


Yay My first time ever watertasting  Ive done wine tasting olive oil vodkatasting and whatnot but water tasting most relevant. 

The perfect place to start in the magnificent swiss alps BadRagaz based around the healing thermal water.

A delight to learn from Irina Takulina water-sommeliere trained in Munich German gennus Academy. 

Irina explains that the best and easiest way to absorb minerals is through mineral water.  

  We taste our way through several waters...some I already know and many I dont. All very exciting  and very confusing since the choice of water depends on each person's constitution.

However, here are a few general rules

· First thing in the morning drink room temperature water. Not sparkling or cold water.

· Keep changing bottled water every two or three months ...low mineral content to high mineral content waters 

· Food and water pairing...aperitif to start with bubbles to open up.taste buds.Accompany food with low mineral still water. 

· White wine with sparkling high mineral water. Red wine with still water

·  Make coffee with high mineral-content water for more intense flavor  

· Use low mineral-content or tap water for making tea 

· Ofcourse we all know that we should drink water through the day ...15 to 20 glasses.

· bubbles protect water from bacteria 

· the minerals in it are good for us...see how good 

Minerals.. sodium salt of life/ calcium for bones and teeth,/ magnesium for nerves and muscles/ fluoride for enamel/  chloride,/ bicarbonate  regulates acid base balance/ sulphate for digestion

Zum wohl...cheers


The thermal waters gush out of the Tamina  gorge. It is a mystic place, wildly romantic. And this is the perfect place to picnic. With the perfect companion  our very own  Anita

Basu who  not only picks the location but also

also ensures that our picnic basket is packed with the most nutritious and delicious organic food. And  detox juices too.  

Anita Basu explains how Traditional Chinese medicine doctors work in tandem with their conventional medical sector to understand the human organism as a whole and thus contribute to the alleviation

of complaints. And Nutrition plays a central role too. 

Detox juices work the magic.

Recipes: Carrot 3, apple 2 small ones, Grapefruit 1/2 or 2 nimbus 1/2 inch ginger.. throw all into a juicer and blend... add a drop of olive oil

Green leafy detox drink: 1/2 Cucumber, 2Apples, 2 nimbus, 1/2juice of orange, handfull spinach leaves. Put all into a blender, add lime juice and serve chilled with some pepper

Cheers! Again!

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