"Cinder -freaking- rella" where am I? Being blasted by multi-coloured lights casting weird shadows (see photo), magic mirrors, gold cages, neons and music so deafening that I can barely hear myself think. They did warn me that Zorawar Kalra s "Younion" the new bar and restaurant is a first of it's kind millennial mecca with its 250 shot menu with 250 provocative names (Cinder-freaking-rella being the most polite one).

But no one told me about midget robots scuttling across the table serving shots or the infinity gauntlet with beeping lights (see photo) from Avengers. Luckily the foodie foursome friends came to my rescue. "We are older millenials" LA based actor and writer Dhruv Uday Singh protests trying to wriggle out. The two Mumbai based lawyers Aishani Nayak & Shyam Kapadia argue in my favor. As does pharma executive the forever helpful Rishabh Sheth, who points out “ we enjoy the fun gizmos as much as the food and drinks” They eat play drink repeat. I eavesdrop & take notes.

A few weeks later I go back for lunch with my oldies age group. Its brightly lit its packed (too) but we can see and taste our way through the winding menu. Interestingly both age groups enjoy this Millennial hotspot. For different reasons. Our review follows.


Go past the narrow entrance and wham! YOUnion’s high energy takes over. It ensures you whip out your smartphone to Instagram the interiors. Be it the high gloss ceilinged pink gold Flamingo room (pink flamingo feathers et al) or the Enchanted Jungle zone. artificial foliage cascading from the ceiling, a gold cage, neons, magic mirrors, Paint booth, air hockey table… you name it.


You crave it? They got it. Fries? 20 crisply delicious varieties. Not just the best mac-n-cheese but also a mac n cheese burger.

Not just about Continental food plump with comfort, cheese and calories, but Chef Momin ensures that the Asian and Chinese flavors pass muster. Be it the water chestnut, moist mushroom momos, chicken momos and a fiery Schezwan momo too. It’s the Mutton ghee roast and Andhra chilli chicken, kheema ghotala that surprise and please with their big, bold flavors and tender textured meats. The choice is endless…from the Zhunka bhaker dal to Gully boy omlette with cutting chai. There are salads, meals in bowls and keto meals too.

The instagrammer’s dream dessert of ‘Hit me gooey chocolate’ is tasty too as is the Cheesecake infused with caramel.


Due to Younion being overcrowded all the time, the service was indifferent one day and okay the next. The noise levels too high, the menu too long and too ambitious and fluffs many a dish, even the simpler ones, soggy Akuri, lacklustre paneer chilly, a stodgy rice dish masquerading as Beri pulao. Some dishes tip into being gimmicky and sound better than they taste.


YOUnion: high octane millennial hotspot is magnetising the Gen y through many a first time multi-pronged hook. From the longest shot menu (affordably priced, shot begins at Rs 50) innovative cocktails, artisanal coffees, robots & futuristic toys, to culinary challenges and specially curated nightlife events too. Kudos, Zorawar Kalra on keeping the target group focus sharp, the prices low, the energy high. Oldies stay clear. Its not for us post 9pm. Go at lunch time with grandkids & don’t expect refined gourmet food. It is a frankly in-your-face multi sensorial millennial mecca with a multi cuisine comfort menu. It sure is an Instahit! In more was than one.


D-Wing, Ground Floor, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel



12:00 pm to 1:30 am

Meal for two Rs 1500


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