Singh trained with the BBC in London, over three decades ago. She was selected to be Gordon Ramsay’s South India guide and also filmed with Gordon Ramsay  for Channel 4 ‘Great Escapes’.  Her most recent international Television appearance was in “Netflix” “The Final Table” as India food critic. Singh  was selected to be the India food critic on the judging panel alongside Hassan Minhaj and R. Madhavan and flown to Los Angeles for the filming.

On national Television , Singh has produced, scripted, directed and hosted 52 episodes of “Health Today”on DD Metro. 

Her Food TV shows ( hosted and filmed in India and internationally) included

 “Foodie Fundas with Rashmi”( Headlines Today) “Delicious Discoveries with Rashmi” (ET Now) and  was a travelling judge for several years “The Foodie” (Times Now). 

Singh also did political and Financial reporting for “Aaj tak” “Business Baatein” and “Newstrack”.


The most recent, prestigious cooking challenge “The Final Table” (Netflix) India Episode features  Rashmi Uday Singh as the India food critic.Hasan Minhaj, R Madhavan are also on the judging panel.

This cooking competition features 24 top chefs from around the world compete to win the title. The chefs are divided into 12 teams, where they’re paired with a chef that they already know but belongs to another country or culture. So, the chefs’ have to rely on each other’s strength as well as weaknesses and that’s one of the strongest points of the show.  Each episode concentrates on one country’s cuisine and this further leads to extremely interesting cultural mashups. The teams are first supposed to cook something from that country and then, they’re judged by a panel that is native to that country including two celebrity chefs and the finest  food critic of that country. 

Health Today Screen Shot.png

t was produced, scripted, directed and presented by Rashmi Uday Singh. 52 episodes were telecast on the national  DD METRO.

It was an upbeat, magazine format health show fleshed in an entertaining style but with a backbone of well-researched information. There was a balance of medical, fitness and nutritional information along with a celebrity interview in each episode, along with leading national and international doctors of modern medicine, as well as holistic healers and integrated medicine experts. Aishwariya Rai and Sunny Deol, were amongst the several celebrity guests on Health Today. The country's best doctors and hospitals were featured.  Cardiac surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan in Delhi, Oncologist, Dr Praful Desai in Mumbai, DR Reddy in Chennai, Mind body guru Deepak Chopra in Los Angeles and so on,

  The episodes ranged from ‘Managing Stress’ and ‘Forever Young’ to ‘Preventing Cancer’. It was telecast for a whole year, (1995 – 1996) every Saturday.


Singh hosted  a weekly food show  as RJ on Radio Mirchi. Singh wrote and presented it as RJ. An interactive show in hindi broadcast for a year.

Political Reporting - Aaj Tak


Radio Mirchi

Radio Jockey 

n  channel 4 s hugely entertaining and informative GORDON’S GREAT ESCAPE, India Episode, Rashmi Uday Singh makes the committed carnivore Gordon Ramsay to not only taste vegetarian food but also to learn how to cook it.. Singh tells him that his volatile bad temper is due to the kind of food (tamsik) he eats and sends him off to South India to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s ashram to learn how to cook vegetarian. At the end of the episode she invites 20 of India’s crème de la crème and Gordon dazzles them with his cooking. In this series Gordon Ramsay takes a culinary adventure around South East Asia in an attempt to master this part of the world's unique and delicious foods.

Foodie Fundas

A very popular free wheeling travel food show, 13 episodes were telecast on HEADLINES TODAY. Shot all over the world from LA to Paris to Goa. Rashmi ate her way through Michelin starred restaurants, learnt baking at Le Cordon Bleu and learnt  how to smoke food from the Maharaja of Udaipur.


Vibrant fun episodes, tradition meets history and mingles with fun as Singh wears the traditional dirndl and sups and sips her way through Munichs Oktoberfest, Dusseldorf's historic Alstadt to Vegetarian dining in Paris.

Office Space

Singh worked for a year with Plus Channel’s Business Batein. She researched and hosted … from interviewing the Chief of the Bombay Stock Exchange to tracking the impact of the India’s Annual Financial Budget. 

Business reporting -



Rashmi Uday Singh was the travelling judge in THE TIMES NOW… THE FOODIE by Kunal Vijayakar. Singh travelled from Kashmir to Kerala, Jaipur to Kolkatta … eating and judging restaurants. This was followed by an annual glittering awards ceremony, where the  winning restaurants were honoured. Singh was jury for several years on this show.

Delicious Discoveries

n this travel food show for the Economic Times channel hosted by Singh, she travelled the world. In thirteen episodes, she interviewed the greatest of chefs, including the emperor of French cuisine, Paul Bocuse in Lyon.  


Singh filmed Paris in Hermes custom made Rolls Royce, did a chocolate massage at the iconic George V and chocolate tasting thereafter. Sailed to Monte Carlo in a yacht and dined at the shimmering temple of haute cuisine, Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV to bring escorted by the senior Cointreau of the legendary Cointreau family in the Cognac district,  from the interesting Cognatheque to a food combining with cognac...Singh tasted   it all...from.the best of the best.


Singh  filmed Prince Charles polo in Jaipur,  Homosexuals in Mumbai, profiled jockey Pesi Shroff in Mumbai Turf club et al and tracked and presented many a lifestyle trend on Television.

Lifestyle - NEWSTRACK

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